Report: Authorities won't publicly release Ventura's toxicology results

Patrick McDermott / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The results of the late Yordano Ventura's toxicology report will not be released to the general public, authorities in the Dominican Republic told The Kansas City Star's Maria Torres on Thursday, stating that results will only be released to his family and lawyers.

"Autopsies are performed by law to any person who has died violently,” Tessie Sanchez, a spokeswoman for the attorney general in the Dominican Republic, said in Spanish in a text message to The Star. "But it (the report) is only given to the public ministry and to relatives."

A clause in Ventura's deal with the Royals could reimburse the club for his contract depending on the results of the toxicology reports. A report from last month revealed a clause in Ventura's contract that would nullify the team's financial obligations to his estate if the pitcher was killed or injured while driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

No alcohol was found at the site of the fatal crash.

According to Torres, the investigation into the death of former St. Louis Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras led to toxicology reports first becoming public in the country. Taveras, who died in a car crash in 2014, was discovered to have a blood-alcohol concentration over five times the legal limit in the Dominican following his autopsy.