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8 football logo redesigns inspired by Juventus' new look


On Monday, Italian giant Juventus unveiled its newest logo and plenty of fans were split in opinion. The new-look crest, much more minimal in design, features a pair of "J" shapes side-by-side in contrasting black and white, signalling, as the club put it, the beginning of a new era.

Here are a few other football logo's we've redesigned following in Juventus' example, where simplicity and a focus on letters takes precedent:


Inspired by the cannon that has long adorned the Arsenal crest, this new take puts the focus on a lower-case "a" as the main body of the war-time weapon.

Real Madrid

Equal parts regal and modern, Real Madrid pays homage to its Spanish royal roots while adding a touch of whimsy to an otherwise pomp-filled club.


Blue is still the colour for Chelsea as the lion adorning the crest is brought in closer and the "C" shape arks over, both in profile.

Manchester United

Manchester United pays direct homage to its Red Devil nickname by using horns and a pointy tail in this revamped look.


Barcelona the club, known as the Blaugrana (Blue-and-red), has become equally synonymous with Catalonia - this badge gives a nod to both camps.


Liverpool has long been defined by the Liver bird, a fantastical beast we're not quite sure where to find, and taking its wing gives us this new badge idea.

AC Milan

AC Milan is one of the most iconic teams in the world due, in part, to its trademark red-and-black vertical stripes. This logo keeps that at the forefront.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich's logos throughout history have featured diamonds within and in this new look, and that same shape inspires the makeup of a "B" shaped crest.

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