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Future owner of an MLS expansion side. Preferably somewhere warm.


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Report: Mourinho demands big pay rise before signing new United contract
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MLS Power Rankings, Week 32: Shake-up at the top after penultimate round
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Footy Power Rankings: Dominant Manchester City takes over top spot
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Report: United, Phil Jones negotiating new deal
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Report: Victor Moses the latest victim of Chelsea's hamstring curse
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Toronto FC ties MLS record for best regular-season points total
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Look: Toronto FC supporters celebrate Shield passing with Drake-inspired tifo
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Icardi completes hat trick in 90th minute as Inter defeats AC Milan
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Giovinco returns to starting lineup after 4-match injury layoff
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Look: Messi, Antonella expecting 3rd child
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While United, Chelsea show their flaws, City makes another statement
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Crystal Palace finally scores 1st league goal of 2017-18 season
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Watch: Jones calls out Morris, U.S. Soccer in 15-minute rant
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Poll: Is David De Gea the best goalkeeper in the world?
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7 managers the USMNT should target to replace Arena
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Chelsea poised to remain in title hunt despite Kante absence
Cropped 2017 09 23t140326z 105346948 rc134560d560 rtrmadp 3 soccer england stk che
Conte clarifies talk of Italy return: 'The translation was wrong'
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Conte fears 20-day layoff for Kante as Morata nears return
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Vidal backtracks on retirement hints with statement of togetherness
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Kaka announces end to Orlando City tenure