Miko Grimes makes anti-Semitic comments about Dolphins owner

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

Miko Grimes should have deleted her Twitter account a while ago.

The wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes went on yet another Twitter rant on Monday covering a number of issues. One of which was her thoughts on Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum.

Brent Grimes previously played for the Dolphins before being released, partially due to his wife's behavior.

Owners of his current team, the Glazer family, are also Jewish.

When asked for a comment from Pro Football Talk, the Buccaneers gave no official comment.

Miko Grimes tried to clarify her remarks on Twitter and went into further detail releasing a profanity-laced statement to ESPN.

When I wrote "jew buddies" I was speaking about how a lot of communities (Jewish, Christian, gay, sometimes fraternities and sororities) will hire their "own people" for jobs before others. That's a fact! Why people find facts offensive is strange to me. And now im a racist? Lmao! How?

If what I said is racist or anti-Semitic, why isn't it also racist to only hire their own? America is just an easily offended, fake reacting, bunch of cry baby (expletive)s! Anyone that thinks I'm a racist needs to build a (expletive) bridge and get over it. I'm not a racist, I'm a realist.

She also upset Miami-based NFL insider Jay Glazer, who is also Jewish.

(Warning: Some of the following tweets contains explicit language)

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