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NCAA approves 2-minute warning, helmet communication for 2024

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The NCAA approved a slew of rule changes for the 2024 season, including the two-minute warning and allowing helmet communication, the league announced Friday.

Both rule changes will apply to the entire FBS.

The NCAA will allow one player to receive communication from a coach. The player will be identified by a green dot on the back of his helmet, and the communication will be shut off with 15 seconds remaining on the play call or when the ball is snapped.

"The intent is to get a little closer to what the NFL has done to allow communication," Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said last month, per Chris Vannini of The Athletic. "It'll allow communication with a quarterback and someone on defense, and we'll find out where it takes us."

The two-minute warning, which also follows the NFL, will occur with two minutes remaining in the second and fourth quarters. The rule will not be a new media timeout but rather a fixed time when broadcasters can use a timeout.

"This is not a new or additional timeout," rules committee co-chair and Big Ten VP of football administration A.J. Edds said in March, per Vannini.

"This is a known position that will hopefully alleviate the impression early in the quarters where media partners have taken breaks in consecutive opportunities. This will give them a larger runway over the second and fourth quarters."

The NCAA also approved the use of tablets on the sideline to view in-game video.

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