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Rutgers' Hobbs looking to reinstate student tailgate parties


In an open letter to students Wednesday, Rutgers athletic director Pat Hobbs said he's working on a resolution that would allow school-sponsored tailgate parties to continue at its newly-designed space called "The Alley."

The school cancelled such events one day earlier, after a video emerged of Hobbs slugging one back before Rutgers' home game against New Mexico.

"The Alley came about as a result of many conversations with student leaders and your desire to have a designated tailgate area where you could come early to the Busch Campus and be with your fellow students,'' Hobbs wrote.

"Its popularity exceeded everyone's expectations. Yesterday, due to concerns about our ability to ensure student safety, we made the decision that The Alley could not continue to be used as an area for student tailgating. There are concerns with the capacity of the space, the availability of services, and alcohol consumption. It's our duty to ensure a safe and fun environment for you, and I know you understand that.

"After meeting this morning, Athletics, Student Affairs, and Public Safety have agreed to work together to see if we can find a way to make modifications to The Alley or find an alternative site which will address the concerns. We will, of course, work with student leadership to see how this might be accomplished.''

Hobbs said Tuesday he drank the beer - which was given to him by a student - to tame a rowdy crowd, and by no means meant to encourage the consumption of alcohol. He called his decision to pick up the beer "a mistake" and apologized for the situation.

The Scarlet Knights won the game on the field, improving to 2-1 on the season. They'll take on Iowa at home - with or without a tailgate party - Saturday.

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