Raptors' Lowry, DeRozan detail elaborate late-night trips to McDonald's

Peter Llewellyn / USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made over Kyle Lowry's dramatic transformation.

Lowry, the formerly rotund point guard who weighed 210 pounds last season, shocked the basketball world when images of a new, lean, and clean Lowry surfaced on Instagram during the summer.

His weight loss was a talking point on a recent episode of "The Dan Le Batard Show," and Lowry detailed how he and teammate DeMar DeRozan would occasionally slip out for late-night fast-food runs.

"Whose idea was it to walk to McDonalds to get McFlurrys at like three in the morning? It was yours," DeRozan said to Lowry.

"That was when I was fat, though," Lowry quickly shot back.

The two did eventually make it to the drive-thru window, but since they didn't have a vehicle, the two All-Stars were denied service. They ended up having to get a motorcyclist to get their order.

Based on Lowry's weight loss, it appears those late-night escapades have subsided - and it's for the best. Lowry is slated to start the All-Star Game for the Eastern Conference in two weeks, and DeRozan will likely join him as a reserve.