Kyle Lowry receives flopping warning

Bill Streicher / USA TODAY Sports

Despite his protestations to the contrary, Kyle Lowry has drawn a warning from the league for flopping.

The Toronto Raptors point guard received the first warning of his career for an incident involving Chicago Bulls power forward Bobby Portis on Monday.

Lowry's chin hit Portis' elbow as he reached for the ball, and the 6-foot guard collapsed to the floor while holding his chin. A loose ball foul was called on Portis and the Raptors would score on that possession, but Toronto still lost 104-97.

Lowry is a flopper!

Although it was nothing more than incidental contact, Lowry recounted to ESPN's Zach Lowe in a podcast released Thursday that he did not flop.

"It was more that my chin hit his elbow, he didn't throw the elbow, but my chin hit his elbow as I was reaching down. But it still hurts.

"I wanna see people take an elbow to the chin, and see if that hurt or not," Lowry added.