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VIDEO: Jimmy Butler vs. Michael Jordan at summer camp shooting contest

SUE/ELD/ME / Reuters

The backdrop: Michael Jordan Flight School - University of California, Santa Barbara.

The participants: Michael Jordan, youngster No. 1, Jimmy Butler, youngster No. 2.

The stakes: Pride, bragging rights, and the title of "la cabra" (Spanish for "the goat"), per Butler's Instagram post.

la cabra. @mjflightschool

The 25-year-old Chicago Bulls All-Star went up against the 52-year-old Jordan - the greatest player ever to don a Bulls uniform - on Sunday.

Butler and MJ each had a young partner, two lucky campers joining them as they shot from various spots on the floor with a fixed amount of time on the clock.

@chicagobulls Legend, #MichaelJordan and Phenom, @jimmybutler shoot it out at #MJFS * #MJFSXX * Michael Jordan Flight School

While the younger members of each duo performed admirably, Jordan's competitive nature kicked in, to no one's surprise.

La cabra indeed.

Let's face it: You can't show up the man who sponsors you at his own camp.

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