Mavericks, Clippers engage in transportation emoji war over DeAndre Jordan
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As the Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks engage in an unexpected Part Two of their battle for DeAndre Jordan, players from both sides are mobilizing.

The Clippers are set to meet with Jordan in Houston on Wednesday in an attempt to convince him to stay in L.A. This, despite Jordan reportedly agreeing to a four-year, $81-million max deal with the Mavericks last week. The Mavericks have responded by sending a contingent of their own to Houston to fight for their prized free agent signing.

Chris Paul is said to be attempting to fly back from vacation in time for a meeting, Doc Rivers and Mark Cuban are said to be in Houston, while super-recruiter and Jordan-pal Chandler Parsons let the world know he's on his way:

That was followed less than 10 minutes later by J.J. Redick, no slouch in the recruiting department, signalling that he, too, was en route.

Never one to be left out, Blake Griffin then followed suit with a far more complicated travel route. He posted Wednesday that he was in Hawaii, but reportedly flew into Houston on Tuesday:

Assistant coach Mike Woodson is apparently going, too, but he could take a while to get there.

And then Chris Paul tried to end it, tweeting a banana and water, a hilarious reference to him, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade riding a banana boat together on vacation.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo got in on the act as well, pressuring Jordan to remain committed to North Texas.

But nobody calls "Game" except for Paul Pierce, not even on Twitter.

Since it's the offseason, those unrelated to the situation began getting involved, NBA champions and the runner-up asserting that they are unfazed by this potential power structure shake-up.

Trophies? I'll show you trophies, says Kobe Bryant.

That racheted the game up globally, with Roger Federer (during Wimbledon, no less) chiming in with a new spelling version of Kobe's name.

If Jordan himself tweets a unicorn emoji later tonight, Basketball Twitter may explode.

Mavericks, Clippers engage in transportation emoji war over DeAndre Jordan
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