VIDEO: Pistons mascot accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates mascot hunter Robin Lopez

William Lou
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports / reuters

You've watched 100 Ice Bucket Challenges over the last week, so what's one more?

This one comes via Hooper, the Detroit Pistons mascot, who took the challenge to new heights, so to speak.

More of note, Hooper nominated fellow mascot Benny the Bull (Chicago), former theScore employee (now NBATV host) Tas Melas and Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez.

The latter is of note, as Lopez has a noted track record of abusing mascots, including Hooper (see posts below), who appears to be exacting a small measure of revenge. 

And as always, don't just watch and participate in the challenge. Make a difference for ALS research by making a donation