NBA says Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys sold out, were not discontinued

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While it's certainly fun to try and read the tea leaves and look for dots to connect when trade rumors are swirling, it turns out that Andrew Wiggins' jersey not being available on is actually a result of too many people thinking he won't be traded.

A listing on the NBA's online store showed Wiggins' No. 21 Cleveland Cavaliers jersey as "discontinued" on the weekend, but that was apparently an error, as the league told NBC Sports:

A league spokesman told that Wiggins jerseys are simply sold out.  There is a temporary period on the site, before a sold out item is pulled, where it is reflected as “discontinued.”  The league said this happens for all sold out items, and the link to the page that was still live over the weekend is no longer active.

Additionally, manufacturing orders for rookie jerseys of top draft picks are placed shortly after the players are selected. has jerseys for those players available as a pre-sale, and once the jersey numbers of players are confirmed, the site is updated accordingly.

With the chances of Wiggins being dealt in a package for Kevin Love greater than zero, perhaps the temporary lack of availability is a blessing for would-be jersey purchasers.

And, of course, you're free to believe the league is lying. #StayWoke, and all.

NBA says Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys sold out, were not discontinued
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