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Dwyane Wade says LeBron, not Kobe, is new favorite opponent

Hans Deryk / REUTERS

In news that will surely devastate the great Kobe Bryant, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade has found a new favorite opponent.

Although he hasn't played against him in four years, Wade says that LeBron James is his new favorite opponent to face in the NBA.

"Well, it used to be Kobe Bryant...the second best all, I have a new favorite player to play former teammate, LeBron James," Wade told SB Nation's Windy City Gridiron, via Bleacher Report.

The most curious part about that comment might be "the second best all time" statement. It's unknown whether he's referring to Bryant as the second best behind James or, presumably, Michael Jordan. But that will be that part of the quote that will likely irk Bryant more than anything.

For comparison's sake, here's how Wade matches up against James and Bryant:

Player Wins/Losses Field Goal % Points
Dwyane Wade 13-9 0.459 27.6
LeBron James 9-13 0.469 29.4
Player Wins/Losses Field Goal % Points
Dwyane Wade 10-8 0.449 25.3
Kobe Bryant 8-10 0.455 28.2

Since he and the majority of athletes are all about winning, his comments make sense.

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