Is Larry Bird bothered by Lance Stephenson blowing in ears? 'Yes I am'

Blake Murphy
Marc Lebryk / USA Today Sports

Ray Allen isn't the only one nonplussed with Lance Stephenson's odd decision on Wednesday night to blow in the ear of LeBron James.

While he didn't say much, Pacers president Larry Bird admitted that he wasn't a fan of the act.

From USA Today Sports:

But if you thought the actual incident was funny and entertaining, there's one important man who doesn't.

Asked via text message if he was bothered by Stephenson blowing in James' ear, Pacers president Larry Bird replied, "Yes I am."

Bird knows. He could trash talk, get inside someone's head and back it up.

That last point is a great one: Bird was the king of trash talk. If Stephenson, who won't stop running his mouth and doing weird things in this series, wanted tips, he has the master at his disposal.

Instead, he does this: