Weird Week in Hoops: The Truth's goof, LeBron's digitally enhanced hairdo
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Every Sunday, theScore's most discerning minds highlight the week's lighter moments from around the basketball universe. Here's what caught our eyes this week.

Be warned: Weird Week contains coarse content. Though we ain't even about the dough, we are about getting down for what we stand for, yo.

The Truth hurts

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Paul Pierce's time as an ESPN analyst came to an end Monday in a blaze of mild debauchery. Hey, when the word "Disney" features prominently on your paycheque, you probably shouldn't livestream yourself doing things that would make even the notably pantless fowl Donald Duck blush with shame.

In any case, Pierce already has a new job offer in hand - one that would combine the future Hall of Famer's flair for inessential hoops analysis with his appreciation for scantily clad interpretive dance.

Yes, nothing says digital intimacy quite like Paul Pierce recounting the time he left a game in a wheelchair because he had to poop.

And now for something completely different

Spike Lee and the Knicks. Jack Nicholson and the Lakers. John Cleese and ... the Utah Jazz?

We have a lot of questions about the legendary Monty Python comedian's decades-long Jazz fandom - chief among them: Uh, why?

Hey, when you call a small-market desert outpost home, you can't be too choosy when it comes to celebrity fans.

Gallo gets his bearings

Even though their playing careers overlapped by more than a decade, it wasn't until this week that Danilo Gallinari was properly introduced to the legendary Vince Carter, apparently.

RJ addresses the CGI elephant in the room

As was the case with its predecessor, the new "Space Jam" flick has married real life with the fantastical. However, based on the trailer, the most improbable work of film craft in "Space Jam: A New Legacy" isn't pro athletes lofting alley-oops for the Looney Tunes or Don Cheadle looking like Marlon Brando in the OG Superman films.

No, as the always provocative Richard Jefferson points out, the biggest logical leap would appear to be what the animators did to LeBron James' follicles.

Rapaport's best acting performance ever

Michael Rapaport's odd, brief feud with Kevin Durant had the legs of a multi-camera Fox sitcom with a midseason debut. At least it yielded one utterly bizarre TV hit. This has to be kayfabe, no?

We haven't seen this sort of range from Rapaport since his Teen Choice Award-nominated turn in "The War at Home" back in 2006.

Insane in the membrane; insane in the Baynes

You can't really hold this against Russ; every Raptors fan has wanted to do this at some point in this moribund season.

It takes a village

On his way to making what was surely a very poignant comment on Thursday's "Inside the NBA," Charles Barkley got sidetracked delivering shoutouts to every person he knew in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama.

Because of time constraints, Chuck couldn't get to everyone. Thankfully, our friends at TNT graciously provided the full, unabridged list of people Barkley intended to acknowledge:

Gustave Gerardo; Rosette April; the Jefferson Octuplets; Beth Christopher; Eddie Amaru; Pankrati Orpha; Nessa Jinny; Abner Akua; Benedict Algernon; Mr. Hal Kalowalski; Alister Benjamin; Frank "Snake Hips" Espinosa; Duncan Smith-Bergdorf; "Baby" Hank Haroldson; Ms. Louise May Jones; Dr. Jacob Hornblower; Bobby Jim; Jimmy Bob; "Smiling Jean" Williams; Biff Jones; Charisma Olive; Rolo Yong; Millard Clair; Thomas Lionel Shea; Maurice Winston; Marcus Johnson; Ricky and Ronny Richardson; the McDuggan boys; "Poor" Billie M.; Orville Ingram; Cleto Bryson; Minke Sylvain; Rino Enu; Tigernan Amadou; Yolotl P. Royale; Kyler Addison; Tom Ludovic; Lennie Clifton; Antonie Graham; Denny Carroll; Bob Cosmo and the Red-Letter Band; Oumarou Gauthier; Al-Hassan Zane; J.C. Jepson; Hal Travers; Moses Allen; Homer Sergio; Cohen Ekwueme; Kendall Hube; Maximillian Osborn; Edan Thurstan; Stone Braden; Sean Sylvester; Yacouba McDonaugh; "Wise" Eli Sage; Stephen Ettore; Lev Wapasha; Big Gary (surname unknown).


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Weird Week in Hoops: The Truth's goof, LeBron's digitally enhanced hairdo
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