LeBron: Davis and I thrive because 'we're not jealous of each other'
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LeBron James says keeping his relationship with Anthony Davis free of envy has been the key to success during their first year together with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"We're not jealous of each other," James told reporters Thursday, courtesy of The Orange County Register's Kyle Goon. "I think that's the best thing. In professional sports, you have guys that join forces, two ... alpha males, that's what they call them, two guys that have been dominating in a specific sport on their own respective teams. And they get together and they talk about how dominant they can be, they talk about this is going to be this and that.

"I believe jealousy creeps in a lot. And that is the absolute contrary to what we are. We know who we are. We know what we're about. And we want the best, seriously, every single day, both on and off the floor, for one another. We're just not jealous of one another."

The 35-year-old's remarks came on the same day Kyrie Irving, James' former partner with the Cleveland Cavaliers, said playing alongside Kevin Durant for the Brooklyn Nets will mark the first time in Irving's career he can trust a teammate to make clutch shots late in games.

James didn't mention any of his former teammates during his media availability, and there's no indication he was referring to or even aware of Irving's comments.

Davis, meanwhile, agreed with his Lakers co-star, adding that he and James trust each other to keep the other responsible.

"We hold each other accountable," Davis said. "When we watch film or even during the course of the game, if I did something wrong he tells me. If he does something wrong, I tell him. But I think that's what makes it work."

James, Davis, and the Lakers will face the Miami Heat in Game 2 of The Finals on Friday.

LeBron: Davis and I thrive because 'we're not jealous of each other'
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