Curry sent custom Under Armour sneakers to Guy Fieri's son
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Being one of the Golden State Warriors' most recognizable fans certainly has its perks for Guy Fieri.

The celebrity chef was featured on the latest episode of Complex's "Sneaker Shopping" and shared a story about Stephen Curry gifting his son Ryder a custom pair of Under Armour shoes after learning they didn't make his size.

"Ayesha (Curry) was on 'Guy's Grocery Games' and Steph came to watch," Fieri recalled. "Nicest guy in the world, just super cool.

"So he's sitting there and Ryder happened to be brought out of school early ... so he's sitting there talking to Steph, and they're going back and forth, and they're showing videos and stuff. And next thing I know, Steph walks up to me and says, 'Hey chef, what's your address?' I said, 'Why?' And he says, 'Get your son some shoes.' I said, 'Well you don't make his size.' He says, 'I know a guy.'"

Fieri also spoke about receiving an autographed pair of sneakers from Kevin Durant, whom he may have helped recruit to the Warriors as a free agent.

Curry sent custom Under Armour sneakers to Guy Fieri's son
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