Durant used burner accounts 'to live a normal life out in the public'

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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant took some heat in 2017 when he was caught using burner accounts to disguise his identity on social media.

Durant discussed the logic behind creating the accounts, insisting he only wanted to quietly enjoy everyday conversation with those close to him.

"I wasn't used to that amount of attention from playing basketball," Durant said on his ESPN show "The Boardroom" on Friday. "I wanted a place where I could talk to my friends without anybody just butting in my conversations, or mixing my words, or taking everything out of context because I enjoyed that place."

Durant added: "I had an Instagram account that I just used for my friends and family. It was a cool place for me just to be me instead of worrying about Bleacher Report or Barstool mixing up anything I want to say to CJ (McCollum) or friends from back home. I guess I try to live a normal life out in the public."

The incident occurred months after Durant secured his first NBA championship during his controversial debut season with the Warriors.

Durant went online to defend himself for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 73-win squad, telling a fellow tweeter: "He didn't like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan. His roster wasn't that good. It was just him and (Russell Westbrook)."

Instead of using his burner account, the 2014 MVP accidentally sent his criticism of the Thunder from his official Twitter account. Durant later apologized for the debacle, admitting fame got the best of him during a confusing time when he became a villain to some fans.

Durant used burner accounts 'to live a normal life out in the public'
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