JBA coach lambastes, shoves player with closed fists
Prince Marcus/YouTube

Warning: Story/video contains coarse language

In the midst of its inaugural season, LaVar Ball's fledgling Junior Basketball Association has experienced growing pains typical of a new sports entertainment product aiming to carve out its piece of market share. The latest publicity for the league, however, will give fuel to the JBA's detractors.

During a stoppage in play near the end of a losing effort, Chicago Ballers head coach Eddie Denard made physical contact with one of his players, Montrell Dixson, shoving him twice with closed fists.

The coach then proceeded to berate his young charge with a string of verbal barbs: "Get some f------ balls. Stop being a b----. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What the f--- are you going to do?"

Neither the league nor Ball have given any indication whether disciplinary action will be taken against Denard.

JBA coach lambastes, shoves player with closed fists
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