Doc Rivers admits he once tried to get ejected to watch Masters

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Los Angeles Clippers bench boss Doc Rivers had a confession to make Wednesday prior to a matchup against the Dallas Mavericks.

Rivers admitted that while coaching the Boston Celtics, he once tried to get ejected from a game in order to watch Tiger Woods make a Sunday charge at the Masters.

"When I was coaching the Celtics, I think there were four games left in the season and everything had been wrapped up as far as playoffs," Rivers told reporters. "the Masters was on. And at halftime, (general manager) Danny Ainge tells me that Tiger's making a run. He says, 'Get thrown out! Get thrown out and come back and watch with me.'"

Rivers did his best to leave work early in the third quarter, but the referee that night wasn't about to grant the Celtics coach his wish.

"So I go out and, this is like the first play in the third quarter, I go for it, like yelling, 'Ahhh!' And I want to say it was (referee) Jake O’Donnell, but I’m not sure who it was. And he just stares at me. Nothing. Then during the free throw, he tells me to come over. He says, 'I want to watch it, too.'"

Doc Rivers admits he once tried to get ejected to watch Masters
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