Kerr: Curry has Duncan's 'skill, arrogance,' is like 'Nash on steroids'
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Comparing modern-day athletes to the stars of yesteryear is a sports tradition, but Steve Kerr took that the extra mile Thursday.

In heaping praise upon his point guard Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors coach made two separate comparisons that shed light on how Kerr views Curry's ascension over the last few years.

"I've said it many times, he reminds me so much of Tim Duncan," Kerr said, according to 95.7 The Game's John Dickinson. "He's got this incredible package of skill, arrogance, and humility. That's a weird combination."

While Duncan and Curry play vastly different positions, their influence over their respective championship teams was, and is, unquestioned. When the Warriors rose to prominence in 2014, one of the most automatic analogies was to compare them to the ":07 Seconds or Less" Phoenix Suns squads of the mid-2000s, led by Steve Nash.

As such, Kerr reiterated something he's said in the past, that Curry is a more bionic version of Nash. "Steph is like Nash on steroids," the coach said. "He's faster and quicker and he's shooting from 35 feet instead of 25 feet."

While Curry remains the Warriors' catalyst, it's difficult to see him winning a third NBA MVP award on a roster that now features Kevin Durant. He's still in solid aforementioned company however - like both Duncan and Nash, collecting two Maurice Podoloff Trophies.

Kerr: Curry has Duncan's 'skill, arrogance,' is like 'Nash on steroids'
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