Curry quashes 'Sneaker Wars' controversy with KD
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Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant won't let some sneaker endorsements tear the Golden State Warriors apart.

Curry quashed any concerns of a rift between himself and Durant by sharing an Instagram post that made fun of the "sneaker war" between the two superstars.

Why so serious?!? #sneakerwars

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Durant, a major Nike client, made headlines when he casually let slip during an appearance on the Bill Simmons Podcast that "nobody wants to play in Under Armour."

Curry, who is UA's biggest basketball backer by far, strongly refuted Durant's claim, but also assured that their dispute wouldn't disrupt the Warriors' locker room.

The two eventually worked out their disagreements by having a conversation in the offseason, which promptly brought an end to the controversy.

Curry quashes 'Sneaker Wars' controversy with KD
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