Report: Reform proposal lowers odds of worst teams winning draft lottery

John Chick
Jennifer Pottheiser / National Basketball Association / Getty

Proposed amendments to the NBA draft lottery include lowering the three highest lottery seeds' odds of winning the No. 1 pick to 14 percent each, sources told USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt.

Currently, the three worst teams' odds of getting the first selection are 25, 19.9, and 15.6 percent, respectively.

Other changes include increasing the number of picks determined by the lottery to four from three, according to Zillgitt. That means the worst team in the NBA in a particular season would receive no worse than the fifth pick, the second seed no worse than the sixth pick, and so on. Under the present system, the first seed can receive no worse than the fourth pick.

Lottery reform has been a priority of the league office for a few seasons now, with the intention being to stop teams from tanking for higher draft odds.

NBA owners could vote on the new proposal at the end of month, with the intention of bringing in the modified system for the 2019 draft.