Jordan part of Jeter's Marlins ownership group
George Napolitano / FilmMagic / Getty

Michael Jordan once quit basketball to play baseball, and now he appears ready to add a minority share in a MLB franchise to his duties as an NBA team owner. Jordan is part of Derek Jeter's ownership group that Jeffrey Loria has reportedly agreed to sell the Miami Marlins to for $1.2 billion.

Jordan confirmed his involvement with the bid last month.

Jeter and Jordan have been close for years, with Jeter the longtime face of the Jordan Brand's baseball line. Jordan became the majority owner of the then-Charlotte Bobcats in 2010, and led the charge to revert the franchise to its original Hornets name in 2014.

To be official, the Marlins' sale must be approved by three-quarters of MLB's 30 owners.

Jordan part of Jeter's Marlins ownership group
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