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Larry Bird's 3 greatest trash talk moments

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Larry Bird turned 60 years old Wednesday. While he's now known as the often-blunt president of the Indiana Pacers, there's an entire generation of fans who weren't alive when he was one of the NBA's top players.

Beyond his legendary shooting and passing skills, however, many say his greatest asset was his mouth - and that he rivals Michael Jordan for the title of "Greatest Trash Talker in NBA history."

In honor of the new sexagenarian, here are his three greatest trash talking moments:

'From the trainer's lap'

Bird scored a career-high 60 points against the Atlanta Hawks on March 12, 1985. By the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics superstar was throwing fire - from both his hands and mouth.

In this ancient video, then-Hawk Doc Rivers (noticeably with a much-less hoarse voice) breaks down how Bird called a 3-pointer "from the trainer's lap," then proceeded to end up in the trainer's lap.

'Who's coming in second?'

The NBA introduced the All-Star Three-Point Contest contest in 1986, and Bird won the first three events. Before his third and final in 1988, he famously asked his competition "who's coming in second?"

The ultimate answer to that question was Dale Ellis.

A few years later, Bird had stopped competing in the shootout and a little-used Chicago Bulls guard named Craig Hodges tied Bird's record with three titles. When asked if he could beat Bird, Hodges said "he knows where he can find me."

Bird's retort: "Yeah, at the end of the Bulls bench."

'Merry f---ing Christmas'

Prior to a holiday season game in 1990, Pacers forward Chuck Person - whose nickname was "The Rifleman" - said he was going "Bird hunting."

During the Celtics' subsequent 152-132 dismantling of Indiana, legend has it Bird turned to Person immediately after releasing a trey and said, "Merry f---ing Christmas."

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