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Diaz says he was drugged before fight with GSP, criticizes testing protocol

Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA TODAY Sports

On his first day as a free man, Nick Diaz is back to making bold statements.

Coming off an 18-month suspension, Diaz was asked in an interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto on Monday if he thought former UFC champ Georges Saint-Pierre would come out of his self-imposed layoff. After quickly dismissing GSP's potential return, the Stockton native opened an old wound in one of his infamous rants.

"When I fought Georges Saint-Pierre in Canada (at UFC 158), first of all, somebody freaking drugged me," he said. "That guy (Saint-Pierre) didn't make weight. The commission comes up to me and tells me he's not going to make weight, and whether it was a pound or not a pound, it doesn't matter. In Las Vegas, if the fight had been where it should've been, they would've not only drug tested us, but there's no pound allowance so he would've had to make his full weight."

Diaz lost the fight in a unanimous decision over three years ago in Montreal. The result of the bout aside, he's still upset with how it was managed. He also criticized the prefight drug-testing protocol, claiming all fighters present had to urinate in a film case, which was then sealed with Scotch tape.

Diaz did not elaborate on his claim of being drugged before the 2013 fight, nor did he fail the drug test. The longtime UFC welterweight added he underwent six separate tests while suspended.

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