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You're out: Reliving the highs and lows of Angel Hernandez

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Most baseball fans can't hear "umpire" without thinking about Angel Hernandez - and that's certainly no coincidence.

Since umping his first game in 1991, Hernandez has become a household name thanks to a laundry list of controversies. He's drawn the ire of players and fans and even butted heads with MLB itself.

Hernandez's retirement, which he announced Tuesday morning, is the final chapter in a long, messy, and entertaining book. Let's flip through its most memorable pages.

'It's not an official game until Angel plays a big part in it'

During his umpiring career, Hernandez was often criticized for his inconsistent strike zone - especially during big moments. This call he made during the ninth inning of a Mets-Marlins game is one of many examples:

More recently, Hernandez rang up Rangers rookie Wyatt Langford on a pitch almost seven inches off the plate with the bases loaded.

Langford called it "almost comical" after the game.

'NO! NO! NO!'

Hernandez didn't just make his presence felt behind the plate. Before video review's implementation and the current challenge system review, he made more than a few egregious calls at first base.

'He shouldn't be anywhere near a playoff game'

Hernandez's tendency to insert himself into the game wore thin with many players. Former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia famously made his displeasure known.

While Sabathia chose to speak on Hernandez postgame, several players expressed their feelings on the field.

Exhibit A: Bryce Harper.

Exhibit B: Kyle Schwarber.

'One of the kindest men I've ever known'

The story of Hernandez is complicated, though. Through all the on-field controversies, his umpiring colleagues praised his character as both a determined professional and a loving family man.

Hernandez was also never opposed to signing autographs.

The end of an era

There's no denying it: Hernandez has etched himself into baseball history. Whether it's for better or for worse remains up for debate.

Enjoy your retirement, Angel.

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