Reds' India was airlifted to hospital after HBP in Field of Dreams game

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Jonathan India's experience at the Field of Dreams game nearly turned into a nightmare.

The Cincinnati Reds second baseman took a hit-by-pitch off his leg in the second inning of Thursday's game in Dyersville, Iowa, but didn't initially feel anything unusual. India shook off the intense pain and bruising at first, not wanting to leave the "once in a lifetime" event, and he even took another at-bat.

By the end of the night, India was airlifted to a hospital in nearby Iowa City. His leg had become so swollen that doctors were worried about more permanent damage.

"The doctor said he wanted to see me again after the game," India said in Cincinnati on Saturday, according to Charlie Goldsmith of The Cincinnati Enquirer. "He did all these tests, and it was really painful. I was scared of some - compartment syndrome - I didn't even know what that is. What is this? He said you could lose your calf muscle if you don't go to the hospital."

Compartment syndrome is an emergency condition when blood flow to muscles or nerves is impeded, according to WebMD. It can often occur as a result of severe bruising.

After being examined by both the Reds' and Chicago Cubs' doctors as well as paramedics, it was determined that he needed further treatment. India was flown via helicopter to the nearest hospital; the chopper flew over the Field of Dreams site, which he said was "actually pretty fun."

Doctors monitored India in the emergency room for four hours. Fortunately, they found no further damage was done to his leg, and he never developed compartment syndrome. As a precaution to guard against further swelling, India didn't fly back to Cincinnati with his teammates, instead taking the seven-hour drive home with head trainer Sean McQueeney.

The 25-year-old joked that he was ready to play Saturday, but with his leg still bandaged, he sat out last night and wasn't in Sunday's lineup, either. He also knows how big of a bullet he dodged.

"It all ended up being good," India said. "It's crazy that, just for a bruise, I had to go through that. It was more serious than I thought. I'm glad everyone was there to help me, the trainers, the Cubs doctor. I'm glad that they were looking out for me because, if it was (up to) me, I'd just have gone on the plane. And who knows what would've happened."

A variety of injuries have limited India, last year's NL Rookie of the Year, to just 59 appearances for the Reds this season.

Reds' India was airlifted to hospital after HBP in Field of Dreams game
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