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Ranking the 2022 MLB spring training hats

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Major League Baseball finds itself in an ongoing lockout, resulting in the postponement of spring training games through at least March 4.

Despite the labor uncertainty, teams have released their 2022 spring caps.

Let's take a look at the best and worst lids as clubs have gone to the mesh-backed "trucker hat" style for this year.

(Images courtesy: New Era Cap)

30. Texas Rangers

The Rangers appear to have gone with the same "Everything is Bigger in Texas" strategy that netted Corey Seager and Marcus Semien in free agency. It doesn't work quite as well in this instance, however.

29. Los Angeles Angels

For a team boasting the likes of Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, this is a rather uninspired effort. Why so much red?

28. San Francisco Giants

Why not just go with the timeless "SF" for the logo instead of the large "G?" Perhaps a case of trying a little too hard to be creative.

27. Houston Astros

If you asked me to identify what this hat looked like five minutes after seeing it for the first time, I'm not sure I'd be able to recall it.

26. Cincinnati Reds

I guess when your team name is the Reds, you need to have an extremely red hat?

25. Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have fallen back after a nice effort in 2020 saw them land at No. 3 on our list. The white outline of the logo just doesn't look great.

24. Cleveland Guardians

I was hoping for some sort of superhero to commemorate becoming the "Guardians." This is not that.

23. Minnesota Twins

Pretty nondescript. Where's the creativity?

22. Boston Red Sox

At least you'll know that players who wear this hat play for the Red Sox?

21. Atlanta Braves

The logo looks very nice in navy with the red trim. It just feels like they left something on the table and this could have popped a little more.

20. Baltimore Orioles

Style points for using the big smiling "Oriole." Conversely, I need to dock points for the Oriole looking terrifying with the neon orange trim.

19. St. Louis Cardinals

So, I know I said using too much red is a problem. That applies to an extent here, but the walking "Cardinal" makes enough of an impression to crack the top 20.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers

It feels strange ranking the Dodgers this low, but the two-tone blue look leaves something to be desired.

17. Arizona Diamondbacks

After finishing first on our 2020 list, the D-Backs take a step back as they shift toward a focus on red. The snake always looks cool but moving away from the color black wasn't a good move.

16. New York Yankees

Simple, yet effective.

15. Detroit Tigers

Simple, yet effective: part two.

14. San Diego Padres

The Padres embracing the brown and gold combo of the late 80s is one of their savviest moves of the past few years.

13. New York Mets

The royal blue hat and logo with orange trim are incredibly easy on the eyes. A classic look that holds the test of time.

12. Tampa Bay Rays

Although it might be confusing attempting to identify whose logo this is, there's just something about it that works. The yellow trim really brings it together.

11. Washington Nationals

The all-red look works here. The silhouette of a major Washington landmark combined with the stars captures the "Nationals" name nicely.

10. Milwaukee Brewers

Major bonus points to Milwaukee for tapping into the city's rich history with beer. The seams of the baseball being replaced by wheat is a deft design touch.

9. Kansas City Royals

Much like the Mets' hat, the royal blue is a very nice look for Kansas City. The logo works particularly well in concert with the color.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates

Although the Pirates have struggled on the field recently, they continually have among the game's very best hats and uniforms. This is just another example.

7. Philadelphia Phillies

The blue bill is such a nice complement to the red on the majority of the hat as it makes the logo pop a bit more.

6. Colorado Rockies

Although the logo is somewhat large, the purple trim on the black mountain is very easy on the eyes.

5. Oakland Athletics

If you use Kelly green, you're going to crack the top 5. Those are the rules.

4. Chicago Cubs

The blue and red work nicely in tandem, and anytime the Cubs showcase their bear, we're all better for it.

3. Miami Marlins

After ranking No. 2 in 2020, the Marlins are becoming a mainstay near the top of these lists. The neon blue trim on the fish works beautifully.

2. Chicago White Sox

After making waves with their "City Connect" jersey in 2021, the White Sox have kept the pedal to the metal with this design. The stars lining the "S" on the hat is a very nice touch.

1. Seattle Mariners

The "compass" logo is one of baseball's best. An easy pick for the top spot.

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