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Scherzer: Too many teams go into season 'without any intent to win'

Pasadena Star-News / Getty Images

Max Scherzer believes tanking should be addressed in the new collective bargaining agreement.

"This negotiation is about the integrity of the game from our eyes," Scherzer said, according to the Los Angeles Times' Jorge Castillo. "We feel as players that too many teams have gone into a season without any intent to win during the past.

"Even though that can be a strategy to win in future years, we've seen both small-market and large-market clubs embrace tanking, and that cannot be the optimal strategy for the owners."

Scherzer, an MLBPA player representative, added that clubs are also finding new ways to manipulate service time.

"Teams are putting long-term discounted extensions in front of players before a player even makes his debut," The New York Mets right-hander said. "They're told take the extension and you will be in the big leagues tomorrow, but if you don’t sign it, you will stay in the minor leagues.

"Playing in the big leagues is everyone's dream, and teams are now leveraging that desire to gain financial control over a player's career."

There haven't been any substantial talks between the MLBPA and MLB since the expiration of the old CBA prompted a lockout in early December.

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