Jackie Robinson's daughter pens tribute to '42' star Chadwick Boseman
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Sharon Robinson, the daughter of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, joined others in paying tribute to Chadwick Boseman following his death last week from colon cancer.

In a piece published Wednesday for The Hollywood Reporter, Sharon highlighted the similarities between her father and the actor, who portrayed him in the biopic "42."

"Both Chad and my father were ... I don't think they would describe themselves as heroes. They'd see themselves as doing their job and doing it the best they can and carrying a weight on their shoulders," Sharon said, as told to Lesley Goldberg.

"There's so much responsibility when you are a pioneer or when you are playing the role of a pioneer and a hero. It was important to Chad that he get all aspects of this story correct: the strength of my father's character, how difficult it was to suppress your voice - especially someone who was so outspoken; and that you're doing it for the larger good; and the anger you feel, and yet you can't express that anger on the field when you're being attacked and you have to find ways to release it and still hold up your pride. Chad understood all of that."

Sharon went on to say that she recommends "42" over "The Jackie Robinson Story," even though her father played himself in the latter film.

"I've been with Major League Baseball for 25 years, and after '42' came out, I'd be on the field and players and managers would all come up to me and say, 'I thought I understood the story, and now I get it,'" Sharon explained.

Originally released in 2013, "42" will return to theaters starting Thursday in honor of Boseman.

Jackie Robinson's daughter pens tribute to '42' star Chadwick Boseman
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