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Boras proposes 'functional isolation' plan for season

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Scott Boras has a rather unique idea to get the Major League Baseball season started as soon as possible.

Boras is proposing something called "functional isolation," according to Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe.

The plan would ask for players and coaches who don't have the coronavirus to gather in 30 separate bubbles at or near their spring training sites in Florida or Arizona. They'd then spend three-to-four weeks preparing for the season before beginning play, which would likely come in empty stadiums.

Personnel involved would be prohibited from seeing their families or visitors and would be shuttled between their living quarters and spring training facility while eating meals at one of only two sites, Boras said.

"At nights, there are no restaurants, they're not outside," Boras said. "They'd just have a limited amount of people they're around. The players are going to have to agree with that so we are responsive to the protection of the spread and also following stringent isolating purposes."

Boras added that players would be tested daily and anyone who tested positive would be isolated until cleared.

The agent, who has a background in industrial pharmacology, believes his plan should be considered if MLB wants its season to be played this year.

"With functional isolation, we would be able to titrate the game into an earlier arrival because we're going to do it before fans can attend, but we get it on television and we are able to get more games in and have more of a competent season," Boras said.

He added: "But the main thing is we're able to provide an inspirational product to America as we go through a difficult time."

Boras previously proposed in March a way for MLB to play a 162-game season with the World Series taking place during Christmas.

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