Astros' Reddick: I received death threats, someone wished cancer on my child
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Warning: Story contains disturbing details

Houston Astros outfielder Josh Reddick told reporters Friday he's received death threats on social media following the team's sign-stealing scandal, and somebody wished cancer upon his child, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN.

"I hope your kid gets cancer," is a comment Reddick said was written on social media in February after he posted about one of his five-month-old twins rolling over for the first time, according to Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle. He added that "I will kill your entire family" was another remark made.

The 33-year-old said the threats make him question his family's safety at the ballpark.

"For me, myself having almost five-month-old boys, it is going to be pretty scary because my wife is going to go want to come on a lot of road trips just because wanting to have my help in raising them and do our parenting thing," he said, according to Passan. "So it is definitely something you can think about every night."

Reddick added he’s not the only one in the Astros' clubhouse who's experienced death threats. His teammate Carlos Correa has received similar treatment.

"Everybody in here is getting death threats," Correa said, according to Rome.

"It feels like when you open social media these days, it's the norm. You don't see positive comments anymore," he continued. "You just see, 'If you come to New York, you better watch out. Your wife better watch out.' They start talking about raping, killing all this stuff."

Reddick said he’s rarely used social media since the incident when his family was threatened. He's closed his messages and limited comments strictly to people who follow him, Rome reports.

Reddick said Wednesday the Astros need to move on and not "give a shit" about the criticism for stealing signs electronically, including during the team's 2017 World Series-winning season.

Oakland Athletics right-hander Mike Fiers, who was responsible for blowing the whistle on the cheating scandal, acknowledged Thursday he's also dealt with death threats.

The league is reportedly aware of the threats and is taking measures to protect Fiers and his family.

Astros' Reddick: I received death threats, someone wished cancer on my child
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