Every MLB team's best jersey for 2020

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With Nike taking over the production of MLB uniforms, it's a good time to review each team's best look for the 2020 season.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The D-Backs revealed six new jerseys for 2020. This alternate, a slick black look that mixes in Sedona red, is probably the best of the bunch.

Atlanta Braves

The piping on the chest is a bit superfluous, but the Braves have sharp uniforms overall, and this alternate is the real cream of the crop.

Baltimore Orioles

The problem with this jersey is that Baltimore has done so much losing while wearing it over the last few years.

Boston Red Sox

Boston's road uniform is clean and simple. However, it's also a little bland compared to others on this list.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs don't have a bad uniform, and the bear logo is incredible.

Chicago White Sox

There are plenty of black threads in the majors. The White Sox have worn this one for a while, and it just doesn't pop like many of the others do.

Cincinnati Reds

The logo on this uni is a 10/10.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland could benefit from a top-to-bottom rebrand. Nothing about any of their uniforms is all that appealing, and the all-red look is pretty anonymous.

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies deserve points for using purple as their primary color. But, despite the originality, it doesn't come alive like some other solid colors do.

Detroit Tigers

Don't mess with a good thing. Plus, the less said about Detroit's dull alternate, the better.

Houston Astros

This alternate feels like a spring training uniform. The Astros should just go back to their "tequila sunrise" jersey instead of teasing fans.

Kansas City Royals

The royal blue shirt is crisp and brings back serious memories of Bo Jackson.

Los Angeles Angels

There are so many red jerseys in the league, and this one doesn't move the needle aesthetically. The red-on-red lettering doesn't help, either.

Los Angeles Dodgers

So fresh and so clean. The Dodgers' home uniform is a work of art that thrives through simplicity and bold lettering.

Miami Marlins

Black on black is a unique look, especially with the subtle blue and pink added in.

Milwaukee Brewers

While Milwaukee's rebrand was all about the return of the glove logo, the new home uniform is a thing of beauty - from the text to the piping to the emblem on the arms.

Minnesota Twins

This shade of red works well, and the logo is fine, though the circular emblem remains superior and should be featured front and center.

New York Mets

The color scheme is pretty standard, but the Mets should dip back into the past with more regularity. Their 1980s threads from the days of Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden were as good as it ever got.

New York Yankees

The most iconic jersey in professional sports.

Oakland Athletics

There's no other uniform in the league that's green, which is why these rule. The yellow and white piping on the sleeves completes the one-of-a-kind look.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies don't have a single bad uniform, and this version is the nicest. No wonder Bryce Harper signed there.

Pittsburgh Pirates

While their play on the field this season may turn stomachs, the Pirates will at least look like winners. This uniform brings back memories of the Barry Bonds-era edition, and the pirate patch remains a nice touch.

San Diego Padres

Maybe this is recency bias, but the Padres hit their rebrand out of the park by ditching their dreadful navy blues and reverting back to brown and yellow.

San Francisco Giants

"Timeless" is a word that comes to mind when looking at these beauties.

Seattle Mariners

These threads may age well, particularly due to the unique color scheme, but they don't stand out enough to put in the higher tier.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals have a massive collection of outstanding uniforms, and this cream alternate is perfect. If it weren't for Yankees pinstripes and Dodgers home whites, this St. Louis uniform would be in the running for best in show.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa's uniforms don't have enough personality despite being decent - a truth across all their standard jerseys. The franchise would benefit from a slight touch-up to inject some extra sunlight into its threads.

Texas Rangers

For too long, the Rangers' uniforms were among the worst. This season, the team will look fly while playing in its new ballpark.

Toronto Blue Jays

There aren't enough words to describe how delicious this uniform is. Yes, baby blue is the new black in 2020, but this one is the best of the bunch.

Washington Nationals

Since moving to D.C., the Nationals have never put out a top-tier uniform. This one takes the cake - unless we count the Montreal Expos throwbacks used last summer.

Every MLB team's best jersey for 2020
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