Fiers wants to move past sign-stealing scandal
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Oakland Athletics right-hander Mike Fiers is ready to move on from the sign-stealing scandal that has shaken baseball.

During his first public appearance since revealing the Houston Astros used electronics to illegally steal signs from opposing catchers in 2017, Fiers insisted his focus is now on baseball and not being a disturbance to his current club.

"I don't want this to be a distraction to (the Athletics), I want them to be ready for the season," Fiers said, according to Janie McCauley of The Associated Press. "For me, it's all about getting ready for the season, playing baseball, and not being a distraction to this team."

The 34-year-old told reporters he would only take "baseball questions," and when asked about the cheating and its potential aftermath, he replied, "I’m not talking about that right now."

"We’re moving forward," he said.

In November, Fiers told The Athletic that the Astros stole signs during home games in real-time with the aid of a camera positioned in the outfield, which later spawned a league investigation.

A's manager Bob Melvin commended his pitcher for bringing the scheme to light.

"A lot was reported to the league, but it's tough to get something done unless a player that was there comes out and says something. It wasn't going to go down any other way," Melvin said. "And this is significant enough that it needed to be addressed. And as time goes on, he'll be revered for doing this, for making the game a better place."

Melvin added, "You're seeing more sentiment come his way right now, as it should, because there's no place for this in baseball. This crosses a serious line. It needed to happen and MLB did what they should have done with it. And hopefully, we're past this because it's an ugly black mark on the game."

The Athletics and Astros will first meet in the regular season for a three-game series beginning March 30 in Oakland.

Fiers wants to move past sign-stealing scandal
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