Astros tired of 'ridiculous' sign-stealing accusations
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The Houston Astros have had enough of the sign-stealing talk that's plagued the American League Championship Series.

Ahead of Thursday's pivotal Game 4 in New York, Astros manager A.J. Hinch brushed off allegations that his team used whistling to steal signs from the Yankees earlier in the series.

"If you go through the dugouts and the clubhouses and the hallways, there's like so many people around that are doing this," Hinch said of the sign-stealing report, according to ASAP Sports. "And then when I get contacted about some questions about whistling, it made me laugh because it's ridiculous. And had I known that it would take something like that to set off the Yankees or any other team, we would have practiced it in spring training.

"There's nothing going on other than the competition on the field. The fact that I had to field the question before a really, really cool game at Yankee Stadium is unfortunate. But we can put it to rest. That will be the last question I answer about pitch tipping or pitch stealing."

Several Yankees players and coaches claimed to have heard the whistling - a form of communication that's prohibited as a signal between hitters and the dugout - coming from the Astros' benches during Game 1 of the ALCS in Houston. Cameras positioned next to the dugout didn't pick up whistling, and the Astros have reportedly been cleared by MLB of any wrongdoing.

Hinch was also upset by the Yankees who anonymously made the complaints against his team, and called on them to publicly state those opinions.

"The problem I have is when other people take shots at us outside this competition," Hinch said. "When you guys (the media) ask me this question, my face, my name is by my quotes, my opinions, my reaction is all for you guys to tweet out and put on the broadcast. But we have people that are unnamed, or you guys have sources that are giving you information.

"I suggest they put their name by it if they're so passionate about it to comment about my team or my players."

Star right-hander Justin Verlander was also left scratching his head by the sign-stealing controversy when asked about it on Thursday.

"Look at what we're getting accused of. How many runs did we score in the first game?" Verlander said, referencing Houston's 7-0 loss in Game 1.

Verlander admitted, though, that he understands the "paranoia" regarding the issue and admitted that he'll be using multiple signs during his Game 5 start on Friday.

Astros tired of 'ridiculous' sign-stealing accusations
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