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Reporter locates Marlins' British Virgin Islands 'headquarters' in post office

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As it turns out, the Miami Marlins really are an international corporation. Or ... well, they have an office outside the United States. Or ... something resembling an office?

Last week, it was revealed that new Marlins co-owners Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman argued in court that their team is actually a corporate citizen of the British Virgin Islands, because their corporate arm known as Marlins Teamco is based out of the Caribbean island chain that's part of Queen Elizabeth's royal empire. The claim was made in court papers as part of a profit-sharing lawsuit brought against the team's current and former owners by Miami-Dade County.

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Less than one week after the story made waves across the baseball world, Andy Slater of and WINZ 940 AM completed his own investigation into the Marlins' deep ties with the United Kingdom. On Saturday, Slater posted a Twitter video from outside what he discovered is Marlins Teamco's British Virgin Islands office.

Spoiler: it's not an office.

Thanks to Slater's intrepid reporting, we now know that the Marlins' presence in the British Virgin Islands amounts to a post-office box inside a post office that doesn't appear to have any Marlins gear for sale.

And if that revelation itself wasn't enough, Slater was joined on his trip by none other than Marlins Man, aka Laurence Leavy, who was the team's most famous fan before a public falling-out with Jeter this offseason.

Marlins Man was not a happy camper once he discovered the team's international "headquarters."

It seems likely that Jeter isn't using his British Virgin Islands office much these days. But hey, you can't blame him - that post office seems to pale in comparison to his cushy digs at Marlins Park.

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