Sabathia: LeBron a Yankees fan, but 'has to put on a front' for Cleveland

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox / Getty Images Sport / Getty

In the never-ending battle for LeBron James' affections, the New York Yankees have been laying their claim. Now, Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia is weighing in on the Cleveland Cavaliers forward's fandom.

"I know he's a Yankee fan," Sabathia told's Bryan Hoch, "but I think he has to put on a front for the city."

James has been known to support the Yankees, as evidenced by the Bronx Bombers' Twitter account earlier Thursday. James has stayed silent about the matter on social media, so his current allegiances haven't been confirmed.

Sabathia suggests James' support of the Indians only applies because he plays for the Cavs, and that the Yankees are his one true love.

As an ambassador for the city of Cleveland these days, it's unlikely James embraces the Yankees overtly once again, though he's played heart-breaker before.