Marlins Park roof appears damaged by Hurricane Irma

BeTo Glez / Twitter

Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida over the weekend, flooding the city of Miami and leaving many of its main streets completely submerged.

Some of the city's famous structures were also affected by the hurricane (now downgraded to a tropical storm), including the home of the Miami Marlins, Marlins Park. In photos taken of the stadium by those nearby, the ballpark's retractable roof appears damaged, its outer surface apparently torn off by the storm.

Prior to the storm's arrival in Florida, the Marlins announced plans to keep the roof slightly open during the hurricane to allow air to enter and easily escape the venue, reducing potential damage to the roof from pressure pushing it upward.

The Tampa Bay Rays - Major League Baseball's only other club in Florida - told Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times that their stadium, Tropicana Field, seems to have avoided any major damage from Irma.