Playoff percentages: Rockies streaking, Brewers falter
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Through the remainder of the regular season, we'll take a look at how the night's action impacts the playoff races, highlighting which teams' postseason odds went up or down significantly.

Just when it mattered most, the Colorado Rockies are rolling.

Similar to the way the 2007 Rockies rode the momentum of a wonderfully-timed regular-season winning streak all the way to the World Series, the '17 version of the club has picked up steam and are winners of five straight. Colorado's bumped their playoff chances up 9.8 percent to 87.9 and are in a solid spot to make the postseason.

Alternatively, the Milwaukee Brewers are tailing off at the wrong time, losing ground on a division they once sat atop. Both the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals have sailed by them in the standings, and with 18 games left on their schedule Milwaukee has just a 15 percent chance of making the postseason after a change of 7.9 percent following a 7-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday.

American League

Team Result Playoff Pct Change
Rangers W 5-3 vs. Mariners 18.5% 5.1%
Royals L 11-3 vs. White Sox 3.7% -2.1%

National League

Team Result Playoff Pct Change
Rockies W 5-4 vs. D-Backs 87.9% 9.8%
Brewers L 7-0 vs. Pirates 15.0% -7.9%

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Playoff percentages: Rockies streaking, Brewers falter
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