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Bradley Jr. asks racist fans: What makes me different from Jones?

David Butler II / USA TODAY Sports

Jackie Bradley Jr. manned the same center field at Fenway Park as Adam Jones on Monday night when the Baltimore Orioles outfielder was berated by racial slurs from fans.

Bradley Jr. is one of three African American outfielders on the Boston Red Sox - along with Mookie Betts and Chris Young - and can't comprehend why fans at his home ballpark would make racist remarks about Jones, but not about him or his teammates.

"This is very unfortunate in this particular time that we still have to deal with those certain things," Bradley Jr. said Tuesday, according to Tim Britton of the Providence Journal. "It's disheartening. It really is. I was in that outfield at the same exact time AJ was. So, what made it any different that he was called a name and I wasn't?

He added: "I was out there, too. Marcus (Mookie) was out there, Chris was out there. It's just not one race. It's for all races. We just go out there and play the game that we love and support our families."

Bradley Jr. is in his fifth season in Boston and was an All-Star in 2016. He understands that the actions Monday don't represent the majority, but also hopes some sort of recourse comes for those involved.

"It's not everybody," Bradley Jr. said. "I don't want that to be something where one person dictates how everyone feels because that's not the truth. But I feel like that person, if that's really how they feel, then we should all know who it is. If he feels strongly enough to share that, I feel like his coworkers should know, his family, if they don't already know. It's hurtful. That kind of action will not be tolerated."

Bradley Jr. asks racist fans: What makes me different from Jones?
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