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Qualifying battles: Which teammates have the edge ahead of Monaco?

Dan Istitene - Formula 1 / Formula 1 / Getty

Monaco is Formula 1's grand spectacle of one-lap brilliance, which makes the lead-up to this weekend's race a suitable time to analyze how the drivers are stacking up against one another in 2024.

Qualifying offers the closest comparison between drivers. They're on the same tires with similar fuel loads and have one lap to showcase how much their talent can extract from their machinery.

With seven races in the books, here's how the head-to-head qualifying battles have played out for each team (sprint qualifying not included) and the average pace difference. That difference is calculated by taking the best times from the last qualifying session both drivers participated in at each track. Since a tenth of a second at Imola is more significant than the same interval over a longer circuit such as Spa, the result is represented as a percentage rather than a time.

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