Hamilton man takes parting shot at Maple Leafs in last line of obituary

by Jul 25, 3:18 PM
Tom Szczerbowski / USA TODAY Sports

Terry Siebert, a 58-year-old Hamilton, On. resident, died quietly at his Hamilton area home on Monday. In his obituary, which ran in the Hamilton Spectator on Thursday, Siebert took a parting shot at the hockey team that provided him nothing but frustration for the majority of his adult life.

From David Ebner of the Globe and Mail:

Via lifenews.ca, here's the exact copy from that amusing, bittersweet final line:

It was Terry's last wish that his pallbearers be the Toronto Maple Leafs so they could let him down one last time.

Rest in peace Terrance W., and thanks for one last hearty laugh. 

Jul 26, 10:43 PM

PHOTO: Man's last wish comes true as 'Maple Leafs' serve as pallbearers

by Jul 26, 10:43 PM
Tom Szczerbowski / USA TODAY Sports

Terry Siebert of Hamilton, Ontario made posthumous headlines when his obituary stated he wanted the Toronto Maple Leafs to serve as pallbearers at his funeral "so they could let him down one last time."

His last wish was fulfilled, in a sense.

Good on these fine men for coming through after years of disappointment at the hands of the real Leafs.