Klay Thompson: 'The fact that I haven't been traded yet makes me feel comfortable'

July 28, 2:05 AM

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Klay Thompson feels a bit more comfortable with each passing day that he remains a member of the Golden State Warriors. 

Thompson, the 24-year-old shooting guard, spoke to Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears about his future, saying he "got that vibe" from new Warriors head coach Steve Kerr that he'll be in the Bay Area, and not in, say, Minneapolis, next season. 

We got a good core. I feel we have one of the better backcourts in the league.

I feel like we have a team that can do big things. Health is going to be huge, but I feel like we can make big strides this year.

The fact that I haven't been traded yet makes me feel comfortable. That speaks for itself.

Thompson has been rumored to be involved in trade talks focused on Minnesota Timberwolves big man Kevin Love, but the Warriors have reportedly held firm that they went deal Thompson to acquire Love

Thompson's heard the trade rumors, of course, and so has his teammate, point guard Stephen Curry. But Curry's sounding confident, too, that Thompson isn't going anywere:

Every year there is some rumor in play and teams are trying to make a power move. But [the Warriors have] made a decision, at least it seems like they have, that Klay is an investment they don't want to give up. That speaks volumes to what he has been able to do in his career and his potential. I'm happy that he's my backcourt mate.

If Thompson's future is in Golden State, it means he'll have a harder time getting the max contract he desires, and means the Warriors won't be his team - they'll remain Curry's. That wouldn't be the case in Minnesota, where he'd get max money, and a team to call his own. But Thompson has more than two desires. He has a third significant one: he wants to win. 

I'm attracted to winning. I think [the Warriors] have the team to win right now. It would be tough to leave.

Aug 23, 5:29 PM

Klay Thompson's dad says owner wanted to trade him [for Love], Jerry West and Steve Kerr objected

Aug 23, 5:29 PM

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There seems to be more than one cook in Golden State's kitchen.

If the reports from Mychal Thompson are true, his son Klay was very nearly made available in a deal for Kevin Love, had it not been for Warriors consultant Jerry West and head coach Steve Kerr.

The reported asking price for Love, who was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, included Thompson and other young pieces from the Warriors. Despite the fact that Love is a 25-year-old All-NBA forward coming off the best season of his career, the Warriors ultimately decided to hold onto a 51-win core from last season.

More of note, it appears that ownership and management didn't see eye-to-eye in Golden State, something that was frequently a problem with former head coach Mark Jackson. Hopefully, the same issue doesn't crop up with Kerr's regime.

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July 19, 6:53 PM

Report: Klay Thompson seeking a maximum contract extension this summer

July 19, 6:53 PM

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If the Golden State Warriors do not end up trading Klay Thompson in a package for Kevin Love - they've been firm about his exclusion in talks - their focus may soon have to turn to a contract extension for the fourth-year shooting guard.

Entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, Thompson and the Warriors can negotiate an extension that would kick in for 2015-16 up until Oct. 31 of this year. If an extension can't be reached by then, Thompson would become a restricted free agent next summer.

And it certainly seems possible that talks could hit an impasse, and Thompson will be seeking a maximum extension, according to a report from USA Today Sports:

Meanwhile, Thompson's agent, Bill Duffy, has been seeking a max deal in extension talks with the Warriors as well. And while Golden State would surely prefer that the stance eventually softens and leads to a more palatable deal, the fact that he is younger means a max for Thompson would start at $15.7 million and still allow for more flexibility in the Warriors future than a Love deal.

A maximum extension for Thompson would start at 25 percent of the salary cap, a figure currently projected to be around $15.7 million, and because Steph Curry only signed a four-year deal, Thompson is eligible to be the team's "designated player" and sign a five-year pact.

It's unclear if Thompson will eventually be worth that kind of money - he's a great shooter, a good defender and is still just 24 - but the bigger issue is in the risk-reward trade-off. There is no incentive for the Warriors to lock up Thompson now at the maximum; at a figure less than the maximum, it's a justifiable risk, but the absolute downside if you're going to pay a player the maximum anyway is ruffling a few feathers and waiting until he's a restricted free agent, since you maintain the right to match any offer sheet he signs.

Of course, none of this really matters all that much until a Love deal is done or squashed entirely, but it's at least worth noting that Thompson's name is likely to remain in the news cycle until the season begins.

June 8, 8:58 PM

Klay Thompson: signing extension with Warriors would be 'dream come true'

June 8, 8:58 PM

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is eligible to sign an extension with the team before the 2014-15 season. Team owner Joe Lacob has expressed an interest in keeping the Washington State product around, and now the player has echoed that sentiment.

Thompson sat down for an interview with The Chronicle to discuss his recent trip to Istanbul where he helped run and work with several youth basketball camps, and the subject of his possible extension with the Warriors came up.

Here's what Thompson had to say, via Rusty Simmons of SFGate.com:

First off, it’d be a dream come true if I was able to sign an extension. Whether it happens or not, I know I’m a fortunate man to be in the NBA. I’m going to leave that up to (agent) Bill Duffy and (general manager) Bob (Myers) and the rest of the Warriors’ front office. They’ll work it out. You hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but I’m excited about the Warriors’ franchise. I think we’re becoming one of the premier franchises in the NBA. It’s awesome to be part of it.

Thompson averaged 18.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.2 assists for the Warriors this past season, knocking down 41.7 percent of his three-point attempts.

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Apr 24, 5:58 PM

Warriors owner Joe Lacob: 'We are going to re-sign Klay Thompson'

Apr 24, 5:58 PM

The Golden State Warriors have one of the best backcourts in basketball, and according to majority owner Joe Lacob, they want to keep it that way.

There was some concern earlier in the year that Thompson may be looking for a deal too rich for the Warriors, given the value he's shown to the team these past few seasons, but it seems the team is committed to ponying up the funds to keep him in Oakland.

Thompson will be eligible to sign an extension in the summer, and the Warriors will have until Oct. 31 to work out a deal, or Thompson will become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2015.

The Warriors already have $61 million on the books for the 2015-16 season, which is when Thompson's extension would take effect, and all that extra cash would bring the team closer to the luxury-tax.

In 2012, the team gave Stephen Curry a four-year, $44-million extension, and it's hard to imagine they wouldn't be on the hook for more than that in a possible deal with Thompson.