Reports: Evander Kane's 'name is out there' on trade market, but return needs to be big

by Jun 21, 1:05 PM

Evander Kane, the Winnipeg Jets' fourth overall pick in 2009, is a 22-year-old 30-goal scorer, and is locked into a fairly team-friendly $5.25-million a year contract through 2017-18. As such, it would appear that general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has a significant building block around whom he can form some semblance of a winning team.

Yet, as the offseason rumor mill churns, Kane's name is repeatedly mentioned as a potential trade candidate, as confirmed once again Saturday by Gary Lawless of the Free Press. 

While Lawless contends the talk is "over-hyped right now", he added "his name is out there" and that Kane could indeed be acquired, albeit at a heavy price.

Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun echoes a similar sentiment, saying Kane could be had, "but the price tag is going to be steep, as it should be."

Wiebe writes that Kane is a rare talent:

Thirty goal scorers that can kill penalties, skate like the wind and play a physical game don’t exactly grow on trees. No, Kane hasn’t reached his potential in three seasons with the Jets, but he hasn’t had the benefit of regular linemates or been given much first-unit power-play time either. I remain of the belief that Kane could become a more consistent game-breaker if used frequently on a line with Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler. However, if Cheveldayoff is blown away by an offer, I could see him pulling the trigger. But Kane — who is under contract for a cap-friendly deal of $5.25 million through 2017-18 — won’t be moved for shock value alone.

While the very thought of trading a player of Kane's caliber and potential seems odd to some, it's certainly not out of the question (see: Seguin, Tyler). If the Jets feel they can progress as an organization by flipping Kane for two or three key assets, this is a trade that could happen at some point over the summer.

Stay tuned.

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Sep 24, 7:37 PM

Jets, Flyers had serious trade talks regarding Evander Kane: McKenzie

by Sep 24, 7:37 PM

TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie appeared on TSN 1050 in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon, and offered insight into the summer trade speculation that swirled around Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane.

McKenzie reports the Jets were close to trading the young forward to the Philadelphia Flyers at some point this past summer:

I think it’s quiet on the Evander Kane front right now, (but) I believe that the Winnipeg Jets were much more open to the possibility of listening and exploring their options over the course of the summer. In fact, it’s my understanding that the Philadelphia Flyers and Winnipeg Jets had serious talks about Evander Kane. And there were some who felt that it was really close to happening, but that it didn’t come to pass. And whether that was something on the Philadelphia side or something on the Winnipeg side, I don’t know. Only that they were listening.

McKenzie continued by saying he doesn't believe general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is actively shopping Kane, adding, "in a perfect world, the Winnipeg Jets want Evander Kane to be a happy, productive member of their organization for his whole career, if he’s up for it. But what has to end is all of the ambiguity about whether he’s happy there or not happy there."

For now, Kane is at Jets' training camp and talking about scoring 50 goals; if he accomplishes that feat sooner than later, it would be virtually impossible for Winnipeg to trade him for anything close to equal value. As it stands, the prospect of dealing a 23-year-old 30-goal scorer is quite a dicey proposition.

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Sep 4, 7:14 PM

Jets' Kane happy to be in Winnipeg to start new season

by Sep 4, 7:14 PM

Jets forward Evander Kane, appearing on TSN 1290 Thursday afternoon, addressed comments he made earlier this summer that fueled speculation about his desire to remain in Winnipeg. 

"As usual, what I say gets speculated and over-analyzed sometimes, but I’m definitely looking forward to coming to camp," Kane said. "Looking forward to a fresh start with [coach] Paul [Maurice] in terms of him having a training camp with the group. Kind of getting kicked off on the right foot here. 

"Looking forward to having a great start to the season."

Kane was then asked if it's fair to assume he's still happy being a member of the Jets.

"That would be correct," he responded. 

Kane, 23, scored 19 goals and added 22 assists in 63 games for the Jets last season. He's averaging 25 goals per 82 games over his first five seasons in the NHL.

Many still believe there's another level or three to Kane's game, and Jets fans are surely hoping to see him realize his full potential under Maurice - ideally this season.

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Jul 11, 3:44 PM

Jets GM: 'Evander’s a Winnipeg Jet and that’s how we’re moving forward'

by Jul 11, 3:44 PM

Anyone waiting for Winnipeg Jets general Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff to shed even the smallest ray of light on the Evander Kane "will they or won't they" trade saga, could be sitting around and twiddling their thumbs for a long time.

“If I answer every question or every rumour or every speculation about whether a player may or may not have asked something or may or may not have said something, I’d be answering those all day long,” Cheveldayoff said following the Jets development camp (via The Winnipeg Sun). “Evander’s a Winnipeg Jet and that’s how we’re moving forward.”

Although he avoided discussing the rumors swirling around his young star, Cheveldayoff admitted (without specifically referencing Kane) that constant speculation can weigh heavily on a player's mind.

“It’s a very difficult time right now in hockey,” Cheveldayoff said. “There’s rumours that abound each and every day. I can only imagine as a player what goes through your mind... it’s gotta be difficult. I’m open to look, to see if there’s ways to make improvements on this team. Without singling out any individual, everyone starts to wonder what’s going on.”

At least Cheveldayoff and Kane can agree on one thing: Kane is currently a player on the Jets roster.

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Jul 8, 5:03 PM

Evander Kane on persistent trade rumors: 'We’ll carry on as if I’m a Winnipeg Jet'

by Jul 8, 5:03 PM

Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane has been the subject of on-and-off trade rumors over the course of the past few seasons, and, while making an appearance on The TEAM 1040 in Vancouver on Tuesday, he was asked point-blank whether he wants to stay with the team.

His response was ... somewhat vague.

Host: Evander do you want to play for the Winnipeg Jets anymore?

Kane: Well, I think I'm a Winnipeg Jet right now, and, you know, there's been speculation and rumors the three years since I got there. So, you know, we'll see what happens and we'll carry on as if I'm a Winnipeg Jet.

Host: There’s not a yes in there, and some Jets fans might say, why doesn’t he want to play for us? Or why isn’t he absolutely fully on board for playing for us?….you’re shaking your finger at me.

Kane:  I’m training hard and getting ready for this season, and last summer I didn’t have a full year of training due to some surgery I had, so I found it really important for me to start training early and get myself in the best shape possible for this season. So that’s my focus.

These comments are unlikely to pacify concerned Jets fans in regards to the 22-year-old's future with the team.

For now, let's carry on as if Kane is a Jet, shall we?

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