Report: Coyotes executive Brad Treliving to be named Calgary Flames GM

Apr 28, 10:41 AM

The Calgary Flames have hired Phoenix Coyotes vice president of hockey operations and assistant general manager Brad Treliving as the team's new general manager, according to multiple media reports. Flames president Brian Burke has served as the club's interim general manager since the club fired Jay Feaster in mid-December.

Treliving, a former IHL and AHL defenseman, worked in the Coyotes front office since 2007 and is the son of Boston Pizza founder and Dragon's Den star Jim Treliving. 

The Flames are expected to introduce Treliving at a Press Conference on Tuesday. 

May 7, 5:59 PM

Flames GM Treliving on Brian Burke's role: 'I want Brian very involved'

May 7, 5:59 PM

The Calgary Flames' president of hockey operations Brian Burke is a larger-than-life figure. From the trademark Sonic The Hedgehog-hairstyle, to his well-documented hatred for neckties, from the showy verbosity, to his penchant for brawling with rivals in the press (or a barn, as they prefer); Burke's appearance, manner, actions, and words demand attention.

The sheer volume of chatter and criticism that Burke generates presumably makes the bombastic Flames executive a tough act to follow, but that's the challenge new Flames general manager Brad Treliving is stepping into in Calgary. Whether Treliving knows it or not, he'll be judged - in part - by the extent to which he can step out from behind Burke's lengthy shadow. 

Treliving seems unintimidated about having Burke as his right-hand in Calgary, even if he's not quite sure how their executive relationship will function. "I think it's like anything, the reality is we're going to have to see how it goes. We've got to get to know each other," Treliving told's Dan Rosen this week. "But I've got zero hesitation going in. I want Brian very involved."

The freshly-minted general manager, who last worked as the general manager of the San Antonio Rampage - the Coyotes' AHL affiliate, and an organization bankrolled by the same ownership group that runs the San Antonio Spurs NBA franchise - also suggested that, far from being daunted by Burke's presence with the Flames, Burke may be more involved in the decision-making process than Burke had originally intended:

As we've talked through the process, quite frankly, Brian has been very clear in saying, 'You're the general manager. You've got full authority, as would be any general manger in the League, and I'll be off in the distance.' It was sort of me pulling him back and saying, 'Brian, I want you very close and involved.' He's my boss, but the experience he's got, the success he's had, I think it's going to work great. I just think there are so many positives for it.

"For a guy in my position, I think you couldn't be going into a better situation. I think I've had the opportunity to be included as much as anybody as close as you could be to that first chair, but it's still different when it's ultimately you making that final call. It's great to throw out ideas and have suggestions, but when you're the one making the call it's different. So, having someone to lean on and draw from is critical and I think it's a perfect situation."

Read the full interview here.

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Apr 30, 6:35 PM

Flames GM Treliving: Rebuilding 'all about making sure the timeline fits'

Apr 30, 6:35 PM

New Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving explained some of his philosophy for rebuilding the hockey team during an appearance on TSN 1260 radio on Wednesday.

Treliving did plenty of building from within during his time as assistant general manager with the Phoenix Coyotes, who rely on internal development to offset their financial constraints. He also understands that player development can be a long and winding road:

Treliving's patient approach runs counter to the way the Flames handled young forward Sean Monahan. Instead of returning Monahan to his junior team, Calgary elected to keep the 19-year-old on its roster for a full season, during which he recorded 20 goals and 34 points.

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Apr 28, 5:32 PM

Flames name Brad Treliving general manager

Apr 28, 5:32 PM

The Calgary Flames officially announced the hiring of Brad Treliving as the team's new general manager Monday.

“I’m pleased to announce Brad as our general manager,” said Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke. “He has been identified as the top young guy in the business and it’s evident that he has prepared carefully for this day, acquiring extensive front office experience in all areas.”

At the introductory press conference, Burke added, "Brad is the only candidate that we interviewed ... it speaks volumes of what we think about Brad."

Treliving said, according to the team's Twitter account:

I'm excited to be a Calgary Flames and I'm ready to go to work. I like the build. I think we're in the early stages of a building program but we want to move it along. I'm excited to be a Calgary Flames and I'm ready to go to work.

In terms of players on the roster, the new general manager praised captain Mark Giordano and stated the Flames appear set in goal moving forward with Karri Ramo.

Treliving will also not be making any changes to the coaching staff, and appears more than comfortable working under Burke.

Treliving also referenced Burke's propensity for truculence by alluding to what kind of team he hopes to build: "I think we need to get bigger ... I think you need to have heavy teams now."

He also tossed in some humor when asked about the use of analytics in terms of assessing players.

Treliving added, "Information is our capital in this game ... the more information you can collect, it helps you make decisions. We'll be leading the league in digging for information."

The new general manager is set to get right to work, as the NHL Draft will take place June 27-28.

Feb 27, 10:38 PM

Brian Burke: 'No chance' he'll remain Flames general manager next season

Feb 27, 10:38 PM

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Calgary Flames general manager Brian Burke was a guest host on TSN2's broadcast of Thursday night's game between the Flames and the Los Angeles Kings. 

During the broadcast, Burke reportedly stated unequivocally that he will not remain Flames general manager past this upcoming offseason:

Burke also suggested that based on the high volume of chatter in executive circles league-wide, that the upcoming NHL trade deadline could be eventful

Jan 14, 6:57 PM

Report: Joe Nieuwendyk remains Brian Burke's first choice as Flames GM

Jan 14, 6:57 PM

According to a report from Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos, former Calgary Flames captain and hall of famer Joe Nieuwendyk remains Brian Burke's first choice to replace deposed former general manager Jay Feaster as GM of the Calgary Flames.

"No doubt about it Brian Burke's first choice for general manager moving forward is Joe Nieuwendyk," Kypreos reported on Tuesday. "The problem is Joe isn't quite ready to jump into the general manager ranks just yet citing family reasons."

Nieuwendyk was the general manager of the Dallas Stars for four seasons until he was fired following the 2012-13 season. While Nieuwendyk had some success with the Stars despite operating on a shoestring budget, popular perception considers his record marred by the lopsided James Neal trade.

Kypreos suggests that Nieuwendyk is Burke's "Plan A", and that his "Plan B" would be to wait out the executive talent market and see if a trusted, veteran General Manager becomes available this summer.

Jan 8, 3:20 PM

Calgary Flames GM search expected to unfold slowly

Jan 8, 3:20 PM

Brian Burke, the president of hockey operations and acting general manager of the Calgary Flames is expected to take his sweet time finding a permanent general manager. Burke has overseen hockey operations for the Flames since Jay Feaster was fired in mid-December.

From TSN's Bob McKenzie:

"Brian Burke is getting set to commence his search, it is likely to be a slow and deliberate pace and it could be until the draft before Burke has picked a new GM. Burke has no intention of doing the job himself long-term, but he may fill the role for the balance of this season."

McKenzie also mentioned that a mix of experienced executives (Darcy Regier, Joe Niewendyk) and up-and-coming assistant general manager types (like Mika Futa and Brad Treliving) are expected to garner serious consideration from Burke. He also mentions that the length of the Buffalo Sabres general manager search is seen as a partial explanation for why the Flames' process may extend into the early summer. 

Dec 20, 9:54 AM

Brian Burke may be looking to hire first-time general manager in Calgary

Dec 20, 9:54 AM

Brian Burke has reiterated he has no interest in assuming general manager duties for the Calgary Flames, and has perhaps tipped his hand in terms of hiring a successor for Jay Feaster.

First, he told the Calgary Herald he's quite happy being the president of hockey operations: "For anyone that’s wondering, I’m not interested in being the general manager of the Calgary Flames. I wasn’t brought here to be that and I’m happy with the role they’ve given me."

Next, he expressed he's prepared to mentor a young GM from his higher role with the club.

The thinking is — and this exists in a number of franchises in football, baseball, basketball, and now forward in the NHL — you’ve got someone there to steer the ship and mentor a young GM. First off, you avoid the big mistakes that young GMs typically make. And second, you don’t have to have an organizational shift, a major reorientation every time you bring in a new GM. You have someone steering the ship even if someone else is in command on a day-to-day basis.

At present, Burke has short-listed up to six candidates for the job and expects to start interviewing within the next 30-45 days, but if the Flames need to wait until the summer to make an official hire, "so be it."

Dec 12, 6:32 PM

Brian Burke would recommend former Flames GM Jay Feaster: 'For any job in hockey'

Dec 12, 6:32 PM

Calgary Flames president of hockey operations and interim-General Manager Brian Burke appeared on TSN radio 1050 on Thursday evening to discuss his decision to fire deposed Flames General Manager Jay Feaster. 

During the interview Burke discussed the top-to-bottom evaluation process he put the Flames organization through this fall, admitted to several mistakes made during his tenure in Toronto, and gave Feaster a hearty recommendation.

"Jay's a great guy," said Burke. "He's a very devoted family guy, he's bright, he works hard. He did his best to make this combination work. I have no issue telling anyone what a great guy he is and I'd recommend him for any job in hockey anywhere"

Burke also explained how he's spent the past two-and-a-half months evaluating the entire Flames organization, a process Feaster actually contributed to. "I made a recommendation (to ownership)," Burke explained. "And my recommendation was that we would be best served by going outside, rather than extending Jay's contract."

Finally Burke discussed his tenure as Toronto Maple Leafs general manager in the interview, and was critical of several of the decisions he made. "Jesus if someone looked at my record they wouldn't say 'I never made a bad decision', I made a lot of them," the garrulous executive admitted. 

Burke went on to single out the contracts he signed with unrestricted free-agents Francois Beauchemin, Tim Connolly, and Mike Komisarek as examples of some decisions he'd made as Maple Leafs general manager that didn't pan out.

Dec 12, 2:57 PM

Burke prepared to take over Flames GM job if right candidate can't be found

Dec 12, 2:57 PM

Less than two hours after declaring he had not come to Calgary to assume the position of general manager with the Flames regardless of that happened to Jay Feaster, Brian Burke appears to have added an addendum.

Dec 12, 2:35 PM

Report: Flames to speak to Joe Nieuwendyk about vacant GM position

Dec 12, 2:35 PM

The Calgary Flames appear to be wasting no time in finding a successor for the recently fired Jay Feaster.

Nieuwendyk spent four years as the general manager of the Dallas Stars prior to being let go at the end of the 2013 NHL season.

Dec 12, 1:37 PM

Brian Burke explains the firing of Flames general manager Jay Feaster

Dec 12, 1:37 PM

Brian Burke, the Calgary Flames' President of Hockey Operations, addressed the media on Thursday to explain the decision to fire general manager Jay Feaster.

Burke made it immediately clear that he did not go to Calgary to assume that particular position, but rather used his initial days with the team to assess its direction. 

Quite simply, Burke said he felt the organization needed to make a change to get to the next level.

Having said that, he added there are no further changes to be made prior to the end of the season.

Burke also stated the he will be looking for a like-minded individual to fill the vacant position.

He added "There's room for the small player in this game but you better surround him with some beef," citing prospect John Gaudreau as an example in that scenario.

Finally, Burke acknowledged that there is one other team currently looking for a general manager - the Buffalo Sabres - but that he won't necessarily rush to make a decision.

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Dec 12, 1:14 PM

Bourne: Feaster firing had to happen, timing was good

Dec 12, 1:14 PM

Jay Feaster’s took over the Flames when they were in rough shape, and he managed to take them from there to…well, still rough shape. He hesitated on a rebuild, meaning the team and fans suffered longer than necessary before arriving at the conclusion everyone else was at – they needed an entire overhaul.

The Flames hired Brian Burke as Team President, and here we are now, roughly an hour later (ballpark) and the GM is out and Burke is deciding who comes in. The press conference is coming this morning.

The point is, you know what’s coming out of that.

The consensus seems to be that Burke is going to take over, not as the actual GM, but as the puppet-master of sorts. You know, hire a guy he can manipulate into doing what he wants so he’s back making actual on-ice hockey decisions. I don’t necessarily agree that he’s that devious.

What I do think, is that this had to happen. A lot of Flames' fans wanted it to happen for awhile (as it goes with floundering franchises), and others are surprised it happened at such a random point, but whatever: it simply had to happen. They’re bad, they know it, and “more of the same” isn’t a great call from that position.

The Flames are in a position where anyone who gets the job as GM can do whatever they like. You’ve got draft picks, prospects and no expectations. The replacement GM is the most important hire in a looong time for this club, because anyone with a correct philosophy on how to build a team has the time and resources (Burke says they’re going to be a cap team) to get it done. There’s no excuse for failure for the Flames new GM.

Watching Feaster run the Flames was like watching a teen learn to drive a stick. Stops, starts and stalls. They were right to get him out of the driver’s seat; now they just need to make sure they replace him with someone who can operate the machine.

Dec 12, 12:20 PM

Calgary Flames fire general manager Jay Feaster

Dec 12, 12:20 PM

The Calgary Flames have fired general manager Jay Feaster, as well as Assistant General Manager John Weisbrod, according to the team's official website.

A press conference has been called by the team for 11 am local time to formally announce the decision.