Mark Messier confirms role as advisor with Oilers

by Jan 9, 4:56 PM

Mark Messier took part in an "Ask Me Anything" segment on, lifting the veil on his long-speculated advisory involvement with the Edmonton Oilers.

Messier won five Stanley Cups with the Oilers as a player and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007. His winning attitude does not appear to have rubbed off on Edmonton's current squad, which is mired at the bottom of the Pacific Division and has not made the playoffs since 2006.

Perhaps Messier can advise the Oilers to acquire some defense, or maybe a little goaltending.

Jan 9, 6:53 PM

Messier wishes he had 'not accepted the captaincy' with Canucks

by Jan 9, 6:53 PM

Mark Messier's three-season tenure with the Vancouver Canucks is a rare black mark on his legacy in the NHL, leading to contributions such as this by user dleeming2 during his reddit "Ask Me Anything" segment on Thursday:

After spending 3 seasons destroying the hearts of canucks fans across BC, running the heart and soul of the team out of town in Trevor Linden, this of course right after destroying childhood of many fans by playing a key role in their stanley cup defeat – and rubbing it in by breaking the aforementioned trevor lindens nose with an unnecessary post whistle elbow – How did you have time to nurse your balls to the necessary size to create an award, name it after your self and your own accomplishments, and then make a show of presenting it to a variety of semi deserving players in a charade designed to inflate your own ego and allow you tell everyone again how you guaranteed a win? Ill hang up and listen.

[h/t: The Vancouver Province]

To his credit, Messier steered clear of the more inflammatory remarks and used the public forum as an opportunity to set the record straight about how he views that portion of his career.

In response to a Canuck fan question "What things, if any, do you wish you could have done differently during your time with Vancouver?" Messier responded: 

rebuilding a team is never easy. If I changed one thing i would have not accepted the captaincy from Trevor.

It's the kind of candid response one can only expect from a player years after his retirement, but it should provide a measure of closure for some of the more reasonable Vancouver fans (dleeming2 not included).

Oct 7, 10:24 PM

Report: Mark Messier to re-join the Oilers organization

by Oct 7, 10:24 PM

Mark Messier will return to the Edmonton Oilers organization in some capacity in the near future reports CBC's Elliotte Friedman. 

From Friedman's weekly 30 thoughts column:

A bit more on Mark Messier: he will be re-joining the Oilers' organization as some kind of consultant. He is not moving back to Edmonton and will, from what I understand, remain involved with the Kingsbridge Ice Center in New York.