Leafs Bolland on 'Sedin sisters' comment: 'the one mistake I’ve made in my life'

by Nov 1, 11:58 AM

When Toronto Maple Leafs center Dave Bolland lines up across from Canucks captain Henrik Sedin in Vancouver on Saturday, it will mark the renewal of a bitter, storied rivalry. 

During his stint with the Chicago Blackhawks, Bolland faced the Canucks in the postseason for three straight years. He was usually matched up as a defensive specialist against Vancouver's top-line, and often frustrated the Sedin twins. 

He also got the better of them on the scoreboard, albeit not in terms of territorial play.

"The Sedins are great players," Bolland told the Toronto Star this week. "I played so many games against them in the past. If you let them go for a second or two, they’ll be putting the puck through your legs and in the back of your net. So when we do go in there, we’ve got to be ready for them."

"When you get under guys’ skins, you get them off their games. It’s huge for your team and it’s huge for confidence when you get them off their games."

Bolland also offered a contrite apology when asked to reminisce about that time he used a gendered insult to describe the twins at a fan event two years ago. "

"It wasn’t a smart thing that I did," Bolland admitted. "It was the one mistake I’ve made in my life. Everyone makes them. Things like that happen. It’ll be something I put behind me"

Nov 1, 3:57 PM

John Tortorella on the Sedin twins' reputation as 'soft': 'it pisses me off'

by Nov 1, 3:57 PM

In the wake of the Sedin twins signing four-year, $28 million extensions with the Vancouver Canucks; and with occasional tormentor Dave Bolland in town, outspoken Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella was asked about the reputation the Sedins have for being "soft."

"I'm not sure who started it but I’m sure there are a couple of know-it-alls out there who always talk about it," Tortorella responded. "But they don’t have a clue what these guys are about."

Tortorella continued, at length:

"I think, in our league, we act like idiots sometimes when that (stuff) sticks with them. I’ve been dying to talk about this. These aren’t soft people. These aren’t soft players.

It pisses me off, the reputation that’s still out there. It’s so undeserving and so disrespectful.

They play in the tough areas, they play underneath the hash marks. I just think people pop off and they don’t have a clue what they are saying and it sticks.

You watch how hard they play on the boards, how they protect pucks. You kind of get lost in their skill, and you think that’s what they’re about.

It is so wrong, because they do so many little things. Don’t make a comment without really looking at what you’re saying and looking at the people you’re talking about.

That’s the way I feel about it."