Report: Canadiens have made Subban 'significant offer', believed to be 8-year deal

Jul 31, 9:54 PM

With less than 12 hours to go before Montreal Canadiens superstar defenseman P.K. Subban's scheduled player-elected salary arbitration hearing, it remains likely that the two sides will reach an 11th hour agreement and avoid pleading their respective cases in front of a neutral third-party.

"It's very likely still that P.K. Subban is going to agree to a long-term deal before this goes to an arbitrator," Sportsnet's Chris Johnston reported on Thursday night.

"I've been told (the Canadiens) have a significant offer on the table, believed to be an eight year deal," Johnston continued. "In these final hours it's just about trying to massage that number back and forth and get to that final point."

Though the Canadiens have reportedly tabled a lucrative, long-term offer to Subban, the star defenseman's agent Don Meehan wasn't willing to write off the possibility of going through with Friday's scheduled hearing during an appearance on TSN 1050 radio in Toronto on Thursday evening.

"I wish I could," Meehan responded when asked about whether or not a settlement was all but inevitable. "But I really couldn't tell you at this point in time either way whether we'll have a settlement or will engage in a hearing."

The Hockey News' Ken Campbell meanwhile, suggests that talks between the two sides are quiet at the moment and that nothing is even remotely close.

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Aug 2, 6:37 PM

Subban on 8-year deal: 'If I could do a 20-year contract with Montreal, I would'

Aug 2, 6:37 PM

The Montreal Canadiens headed to arbitration with their best and brightest defenseman Saturday, and it didn't last long at all. P.K. Subban and the organization agreed to an eight-year contract worth a reported $72 million.

In a conference call announcing the signing, the defenseman told the media: "If I could do a 20-year contract with Montreal, I would."

Subban also expressed his elation with the extension, signed Saturday afternoon.

"My family and I are extremely happy to know that my future will be with the Montreal Canadiens," he said. "I'm just happy to know that I'm going to be playing under Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson for the next eight years."

Subban admitted the arbitration process was "educational," though there was little tension between the two sides. 

"It was always respectful between the Canadiens and I," he said. "I learned a lot."

Initially, general manager Bergevin took some heat for the way the situation was handled. Fans called for the team to pay Subban what he wanted, but Subban maintains Bergevin did everything he could to expedite the process.

"Marc Bergevin did great work on this. Some of those comments made about him on social media weren't justified," he said.

Subban isn't worried about any backlash as his new contract makes him the highest paid defenseman next season. 

"There's a formula for winning and the numbers don't have anything to do with that."

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Aug 2, 2:41 PM

Canadiens, Subban agree to terms on 8-year contract reportedly worth $72M

Aug 2, 2:41 PM

P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens were able to set aside any animosity from their protracted contract negotiations and agree to terms on an eight-year deal on Saturday.

TSN's Bob McKenzie reports the deal carries an average annual value of $9 million, putting the total amount at $72 million. If accurate, Subban's cap hit will be the highest in the league for a defenseman.

The agreement, announced in a statement on the Canadiens' website, comes one day after a heated arbitration hearing that left both sides fuming, fueling speculation Subban would look elsewhere the moment he became an unrestricted free agent.

Marc Bergevin shared his excitement about retaining Subban long-term in the statement:

We are very pleased to have reached a long term agreement with P.K. Subban. This agreement helps consolidate the future of our team. A key element of our group of young veterans, P.K. plays with a high level of intensity every time he steps onto the ice. Despite his young age, he carries a great deal of experience and brings contagious energy to the team. Defensemen of his level are a rare commodity in the NHL.

Bergevin's words are a stark contrast to Friday, when he had "nothing to say" following the arbitration hearing. 

Subban expressed his excitement for the future via Twitter:

Subban has 167 points in 284 games since debuting with Montreal in 2009-10. He has 30 points in 43 playoff contests and was instrumental in both of the Canadiens' recent runs to the Eastern Conference final. He won the Norris Trophy in the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season, becoming the first Montreal player to be named the league's top defenseman since Chris Chelios in 1988-89.

theScore's Thomas Drance estimated on Thursday a long-term deal for Subban would be between $70.5-$75.5 million over eight years. Tap here to find out why.

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Aug 2, 2:28 PM

Report: Settlement between Canadiens, Subban 'imminent'

Aug 2, 2:28 PM

It looks like the terms of P.K. Subban's next contract with the Montreal Canadiens will not be decided by an arbitrator after all, according to TSN's Bob McKenzie.

McKenzie says the deal will be a negotiated settlement between the two sides rather than a one-year arbitration award.

Subban and the Canadiens were on the clock after Friday's arbitration hearing, with 48 hours before the arbitrator's deadline to render a decision. It appeared as though negotiations ended on a sour note as Subban called it "an educational process" and Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin was even more curt.

Aug 1, 1:21 PM

Canadiens, Subban fail to reach a deal; NHL arbitrator to decide on contract

Aug 1, 1:21 PM

P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens met for an arbitration hearing Friday morning in Toronto, and failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. 

The Norris Trophy winning defenseman added "It's been an educational process," and said he will now focus on getting ready for the upcoming season.

The arbitrator now has a maximum of 48 hours to announce a decision. As a refresher, Subban was seeking $8.5 million, while the Canadiens countered with a one-year contract worth $5.25. 

The two sides, however, are free to keep negotiating and may be able to come to an agreement before the decision is made. As the hearing concluded, Subban's agent indicated no further talks will be scheduled:

Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin declined to comment.

Aug 1, 10:16 AM

Canadiens, Subban fail to agree on terms, head into arbitration hearing

Aug 1, 10:16 AM

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It was a scene that many Canadiens fans were hoping not to see; P.K. Subban and Co. heading up the elevator at a Toronto hotel, set to meet with the Montreal brass and a National Hockey League arbitrator.

As per Chris Johnston of Sportsnet, Subban, Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin, agent Don Meehan and "an army of lawyers" remained behind closed doors after the scheduled start time for the arbitration hearing. 

The Canadian Press, however, reports the two sides did indeed head into the arbitration hearing; the arbitrator is to decide over the next 48 hours where the player's salary will be set. She can chose either of the bids or set a salary somewhere in between.

A deal between Subban and the Canadiens can be reached prior to that decision.

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Jul 31, 12:42 PM

Subban on contract talks with Canadiens: 'There's mutual respect from both sides'

Jul 31, 12:42 PM

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Montreal Canadiens restricted free agent defenseman P.K. Subban took a break from charity work Thursday to appear on TSN 960 radio, addressing his ongoing contract negotiations with the club.

Subban encouraged everyone to "chill out", offering the following insight into the process:

There's mutual respect from both sides, in respect to this, it's been great. I'm happy with the level of communication. Both sides are working hard to get a deal done, [and] when it gets done, we're looking for it to be best for the Canadiens and myself.

The 25-year-old also responded to recent rumblings that he, along with Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos, might think about playing in his hometown Toronto, saying, "As of right now, our loyalties are to our teams and my loyalty is to the Montreal Canadiens."

On a lighter note, Subban revealed why he spent a good chunk of time on the phone Thursday morning: "I made burgers this morning, my Mom was calling me to tell me I almost burned the house down."

Gives a whole new meaning to 'hot take.'

Subban's arbitration hearing is set for Friday morning in Toronto, the result of which (if it gets to that point) is sure to set off a whole different kind of firestorm.

Jul 30, 6:48 PM

Subban's agent: 'Our objective ... is to reach a settlement with Montreal on a long-term contract'

Jul 30, 6:48 PM

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Montreal Canadiens superstar defenseman P.K. Subban has an arbitration hearing scheduled Friday in Toronto. 

The electric 25-year-old defender, who is represented by Don Meehan of Newport Sports Management, is reportedly poised to seek an $8.5-million salary at the hearing. The Canadiens have countered with a $5.25 million salary target. 

Though the two sides are far apart in terms of their arbitration asks, there's no enmity on either side, according to Meehan. 

"We understand that the mechanism of arbitration is an option under the collective bargaining agreement and we all understand the nuances of the CBA and understand each other's respective rights, and we act accordingly," explained Meehan during an appearance on Sportsnet 590 The Fan's "Prime Time Sports" on Wednesday.

"We take a very healthy attitude towards the process, and I know P.K. does as well, and I believe that Montreal does," continued Meehan. "This isn't an issue whereby we want, or Montreal wants, anything in that hearing to be taken personally. I'm sure they don't have intentions of that nature, because if they did, that would only prove to be damaging to their long-term interests. And we feel the same way."

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Meehan explained that he'd touch base again with Canadiens brass when they arrive in Toronto on Thursday ahead of the hearing. While the hour is getting late for a negotiated settlement between the Canadiens and their prized defender, Meehan insisted that there's still plenty of time for the two sides to hammer out an agreement:

There's always enough time in that respect (getting a deal done before a hearing). In terms of this negotiation we've been at it for some time now, both sides have worked very hard, a number of people on both sides have contributed their thoughts and theories and views in relation to this whole process. So I think through a collective means, through everyone contributing, there's always time to do that. We're all trying to do our best to see if we can come up with something that makes sense from both side's point of view.

The 63-year-old player agent was also asked directly about his client's recent comments concerning the possibility of returning to play for his hometown club, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Meehan's answer should assuage any fears of Subban suiting up in blue and white that Canadiens fans might entertain:

Far too soon to have any thoughts of (Subban leaving Montreal). We have a long period of time before P.K. becomes a UFA and really our objective is to concentrate our best efforts in trying to reach a settlement with Montreal on a long-term contract.

Jul 30, 9:36 AM

Report: Canadiens' Subban seeking $8.5-million in salary arbitration

Jul 30, 9:36 AM

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The Montreal Canadiens and defenseman P.K. Subban have entered the ask-and-counter phase of the arbitration process, with both sides submitting their numbers Wednesday morning in advance of a hearing scheduled for later this week.

The NHL's salary arbitration process, outlined here, requires the two sides exchange briefs no less than 48 hours before the start of their scheduled hearing.

Montreal's number - on a one-year deal - would slot Subban slightly higher than the likes of James Wisniewski, Tyler Myers, Jay Bouwmeester and Dennis Wideman, and behind teammate Andrei Markov in terms of 2014-15 salary.

The $8.5 million figure from Subban's side, on the other hand, would make him the third-highest-paid defenseman in the League in terms of base salary, behind only Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. 

Note, however, that only Group 2 free agents can be used as comparables in the actual hearing.

As mentioned by Friedman, the two sides are likely working towards agreeing to terms on a new contract before Friday's hearing.

Jul 26, 5:44 PM

Canadiens' Subban wants to 'be a lifer' in Montreal; contract talks being kept intentionally quiet

Jul 26, 5:44 PM

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Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban is the NHL's premier remaining restricted free agent, and as talks continue, made the rounds in recent days to relay the message that he longs to remain in Montreal despite the relatively quiet nature of the negotiation process.

As per, Subban recently appeared on 'Breakfast Television' in Montreal, and spoke about his desire to remain with the club: 

"Obviously I remain adamant on remaining in Montreal and being a Montreal Canadien," he said. "And not just for a long time but hopefully for the rest of my career, and be a lifer there. I really enjoy playing there."

Subban appeared at the RBC Canadian Open on Saturday, and told inquisitive reporters, "I'll answer one question about the negotiation. It's been kept pretty quiet the whole time and it's going to remain that way until a deal's done."

If an agreement can't be reached before the end of the month, Subban and the Canadiens will meet with an arbitrator in Toronto on Aug. 1.

The 25-year-old is coming off a two-year, bridge-type deal that carried a $2.875-million cap hit. As one of the game's best players at his position, Subban's new deal will likely to be long-term in nature, and with a much higher salary to boot.

Clearly there's an appetite on both side to get something done; whether Subban and the Canadiens can agree on term and valuation prior to the arbitration hearing is yet to be determined.

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Eric Bolte

Jul 5, 4:32 PM

Report: Canadiens' P.K. Subban will file for arbitration

Jul 5, 4:32 PM

As the arbitration deadline approaches for players, Elliotte Friedman is reporting 2013 Norris Trophy winner P.K. Subban will file.

The highest-paid player on the Montreal Canadiens is goaltender Carey Price, who carries a $6.5 million cap hit. Subban is looking for a contract in excess of $7 million per season according to previous reports.

Jun 26, 3:19 PM

Report: Subban's camp to meet with Canadiens Thursday

Jun 26, 3:19 PM

P.K. Subban's camp is expected to meet with Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin on Thursday to continue negotiating a long-term contract extension, according to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun.  

A restricted free agent after signing a two-year bridge deal ahead of the lockout-shortened season, Subban is set to cash in after stellar play from the Canadiens' point proved that gambling on himself was a lucrative strategy.  

His decision to sign the modest deal came with some reluctance, but Subban doesn't appear willing to settle when the two parties meet at the table for the second time in less than 24 months.

Andy Strickland of FOX Sports Midwest reported earlier in the month that the 2013 Norris Trophy winner was looking for a contract "in excess" of the seven-year, $45.5-million deal Alex Pietrangelo signed last summer. 

Subban netted a career-high 53 points (Pietrangelo, 51) and played in all 82 games last season, leading Montreal to the Eastern Conference final. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Greg M. Cooper

Jun 17, 4:23 PM

Report: P.K. Subban looking for contract in excess of 7 years, $45 million

Jun 17, 4:23 PM

P.K. Subban's decision to sign a bridge deal turned out to be a lucrative one and now, two years later, the Montreal Canadiens defenseman appears unwilling to settle and ready to cash in.

That is, certainly not for less money than a Canadian Olympic teammate.

The polarizing defenseman is reportedly looking to sign a contract in excess of the seven-year, $45.5-million deal St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo signed prior to the 2013 season, per Andy Strickland of FOX Sports Midwest. 

Uncomfortable rounds of negotiation loom and while the Canadiens may not award him Pietrangelo money, don't bank on Subban being low-balled this time around.

May 31, 10:07 PM

P.K. Subban: 'It’s about being part of a team that can win a championship'

May 31, 10:07 PM

In agreeing to a two-year bridge contract prior to the 2012-13 season, Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban rolled the dice with his financial future, and it came up sevens.  

The 25-year-old lightning rod has since won a Norris Trophy as the league's top defenseman, an Olympic gold medal in Sochi, and most recently helped bring the Canadiens to Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final. 

He is set for a monumental payday, but as he cleared out his stall Saturday, Subban expressed other desires regarding his playing future. 

"I’m sure everybody in hockey wants a long-term contract, but for me, it’s not just about that," Subban told reporters. "It’s about being part of a team that can win a championship, and I believe we have that in this dressing room.

"When it comes to contract stuff, that’s why I hire my agent [Don Meehan]. That’s why we pay him. That’s his job and I’ll let him do his job. I've done mine, and he'll do his."

An uplifting postseason run can cause any player to romanticize about his city, but with desires to bring Montreal its 25th Stanley Cup championship - rather than suck every last penny from the organization - Subban can only further endear himself to Montreal's passionate fan base. 

A defensive paradox, Subban's worth will be dissected well past his putting pen to paper. His offensive capabilities often conceal liabilities at the defensive end, inconsistencies that make determining his value nearly impossible. 

"I don’t control what people say and what category people put me in. All I can control is trying to help my team win hockey games and a championship."

According to, the Canadiens will be faced with decisions on 11 restricted and unrestricted free agents. With Thomas Vanek, Andrei Markov and captain Brian Gionta also among those without a deal, the Canadiens make look entirely different than Subban saw cleaning out his locker Saturday.