Canadiens' Weise accuses Bruins' Lucic of being 'classless' in handshake line

May 14, 10:31 PM

Even after the final buzzer had sounded and a hard-fought series between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens had been decided - with the Canadian club coming out on top - the war of words continued and accusations of disrespect continued to fly.

Dreger added that Lucic reportedly threatened Weise in the handshake line and said "something similarly threatening to (Alexei) Emelin."

Lucic apparently caught wind of the leak, and responded accordingly.

There is, of course, no love lost between these bitter rivals, and Lucic and Weise were engaged in a back-and-forth throughout the series in regards muscle flexing.

For now, Lucic will be left to stew and Weise will get ready for the Eastern Conference finals.

May 16, 12:40 PM

Lucic on threatening Weise in handshake line: 'I'm not sorry'

May 16, 12:40 PM

Unrepentant Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic met with the media on locker room clean out day Friday in Boston, and he was asked to discuss his controversial and threatening comments to Montreal Canadiens players Alexei Emelin and Dale Weise during the post-series handshake line that followed Game 7 on Wednesday.

"I'm not sorry," Lucic told reporters per Joe McDonald and Joe Haggerty, adding, "What's said on the ice, stays on the ice. This isn't the first time something like that has happened, and it won't be the last. I'm not sorry about it."

Lucic may not be sorry, but for the purposes of liability exposure, he'd likely be best served not following through on his threat. The rugged Bruins power-forward also had a soft cast on his left hand, so presumably he was playing through some type of minor injury in the postseason.

Feature photo courtesy of Getty/Brian Babineau

May 15, 8:19 PM

Don Cherry: Reaction to Milan Lucic's handshake threat to Dale Weise 'much ado about nothing'

May 15, 8:19 PM

The hockey world was abuzz Wednesday when it was reported that Boston's Milan Lucic uttered a threat to Montreal's Dale Weise in the post-Game 7 handshake line, saying "I'm going to [blank] kill you next year."

Coach's Corner star Don Cherry chimed in on the incident Thursday, appearing to downplay Lucic's actions.

“It’s much ado about nothing,” the Cherry told CBC News. “He shouldn’t have said it, but he just lost the seventh game. That's the feeling between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. There’s no love lost there, that’s for sure.”

Cherry also pointed the finger at Weise for seemingly telling on Lucic once the dust had settled. “I’m a little disappointed in Weise [for] saying anything [about it],” Cherry said. “‘Oh, here I am, the victim.’ So what, [Lucic] said it. You think a lot of things haven’t been said in those handshakes and that?”

Just another day at the office for Grapes.

May 15, 12:01 AM

Bruins' Lucic reportedly said he'll kill Canadiens' Weise and Emelin next year

May 15, 12:01 AM

Some true detective work has been conducted to decipher what Milan Lucic of the Bruins said to Montreal's Dale Weise in the handshake line after Game 7 in Boston on Wednesday, and here's what has been deduced.

Lucic apparently also said the same to Alexei Emelin.

The video can been seen below, for the trained lip readers out there.

[H/T CBS Eye on Hockey]

The Bruins power forward has history with both players, and while the series certainly was explosive and emotional at times, this certainly appears to be a display of incredibly poor sportsmanship on Lucic's part.

Either way, it's not a good look for the Bruins after what was already a disappointing end to the season.